“What? Exchanging these stones for pills?!”

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Taoist Mu Qing, who didn’t care at first, immediately raised his voice after hearing what Lu Zijia said.
“Little girl, are you joking with me?”

In Taoist Mu Qing’s opinion, this stupid stone might really be of some use to Lu Zijia, but no matter how useful a stone was, it couldn’t possibly surpass the effect of the pills!

So, Taoist Mu Qingeven doubted if he heard it wrongly because he was old.

However, Lu Zijia shook her head.
“Master, I’m not joking.
I really need this kind of stone.”

Even though the pills she made right now were good, this was only relative to the Martial Artists and sorcerers here.

Because the pills she refined, whether it was the Vitality Pill or the Xuanyun Pill, were all made with ordinary herbs in this world, but not spiritual plants.

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Pills that weren’t refined with spirit herbs were useless for a cultivator like her.

So, while Taoist Mu Qing thought those were some very precious pills and a useless stone, it was the exact opposite in her eyes.

Seeing Lu Zijia’s determined look, Taoist Mu Qing knew that he couldn’t persuade her, so he looked at his disciple, hoping that his disciple could help him.

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However, what Mu Tianyan said was, “Master, please help her get these stones.”

Taoist Mu Qing: “…” Even though he often asked his disciple to find a wife and to treat her well, he never asked him to be a henpecked husband!

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Although Taoist Mu Qing expected better from his disciple in his mind, he still agreed.

After all, these pills were refined by his wife, so he certainly had the right to decide.

Besides, even if he exchanged the pills for the stones, it didn’t stop him from showing off to those shameless old fellows.

Thinking of this, Taoist Mu Qing also stopped struggling.

Meanwhile, in the villa of the eldest son of the Mu family.

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In Mu Shiyou’s room.

“Honey, what exactly happened? Why are you so badly injured?”

After the doctor finished treating Mu Shiyou’s wounds and left, Mu Liren, who was already anxious, immediately went up and asked.

At this moment, Mu Shiyou’s entire head was covered with gauze, revealing only her eyes, nose and mouth.

And her right hand and right leg were also wrapped in thick gauze, looking very miserable.

Hearing what his father asked, Mu Shiyou’s cold eyes suddenly shot over and her cold voice seemed to be suppressing something.

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“Father, why didn’t you tell me that Mu Tianyan has a strong, crazy woman with him? Also, why didn’t you tell me that Mu Tianyan’s legs were healed?

“Father, my good father, did you forget to remind me, or did you not do so on purpose?”

After Mu Shiyou passed out due to serious injuries, Mu Yunhao and the others threw her on the road far away from the old mansion of the Mu family without showing mercy, leaving her on her own.

So when she woke up, she found herself lying on the wide road with no one around.

Even though the wounds on her body had already been covered by dried blood, her body was covered in dust, probably because she was lying on the road.
She looked even more miserable than before.

While Mu Shiyou was extremely furious, she also felt extremely aggrieved and resentful.

However, she temporarily suppressed these grievances and resentment in her heart, waiting for the moment when she could vent them.

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