y, as if he was giving alms to Ye Nanxi.

“Don’t people say that Ye Nanxi has a pretty good family background and is a rich Young Lady? Why would she have a sugar daddy?”

“Pfft, which celebrity these days hasn’t been packaged? Who can tell what’s real and what’s fake? If you take it seriously, you’ll lose.”

“That’s true, but she usually wears pretty nice clothes.
It seems that she pretends quite well.”

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“So, this is the effect after packaging.”

The reporters around didn’t forget to discuss softly while taking photos.


The female assistant was so furious that her face turned red.
If there weren’t reporters present, she would have slapped him.

“You what? I’m teaching my woman a lesson.
What has it got to do with a small assistant like you? Get lost!” Huang Shenghui looked impatient as he said and was about to pull the female assistant away.

“Stop! I’m warning you not to touch her, or I’ll call the cops directly!”

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Seeing that Huang Shenghui made a move again, Ye Nanxi immediately scolded, “Also, I don’t know you at all and I’ve never seen you before.
You said I’ve slept with you, right?

“Alright, then tell me where my birthmark is!”

As soon as Ye Nanxi said this, everyone immediately looked at Huang Shenghui at the same time.

Huang Shenghui’s expression changed after being questioned by Ye Nanxi, but he quickly returned to normal.

“I’ve only slept with you twice and it’s always at night.
How would I see any birthmark?

“Ye Nanxi, I’m warning you.
You’re not allowed to find another sugar daddy, or I’ll definitely teach you a lesson!”

Huang Shenghui pointed at Ye Nanxi and warned her, then wanted to leave coolly.

However, Ye Nanxi stopped her.
“I don’t care who you are.
What you said just then is slander.
I’m calling the cops.
I want to sue you!”

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