>What a pity!” Looking at Feng Zixuan’s half-burnt face, Lu Zijia shook her head, as if she was feeling sorry.

Of course, only if one ignored the teasing look in her eyes.

“Alright, you’ve had enough fun.
You should go get some sunlight.”

Lu Zijia said as she directly cast a Immobilizing Spell on Feng Zixuan while she was focused on dealing with more than ten balls of flame, without caring about whether Feng Zixuan was willing to.
She then used an Invisibility Spell on him and dragged him to the roof of the hospital.

Lu Zijia looked up at the huge sun in the sky and smiled at Feng Zixuan.
“It’s so sunny today/ It should be able to sanitize you after an hour of sunbathing.

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“Don’t thank me.
I’m just doing something nice since I’m free.”

Lu Zijia said with obvious kindness, but in Feng Zixuan’s ears, it sounded extremely infuriating.

“Who are you? Who exactly are you? Why do you have to ruin my big plan? Why do you have to ruin my big plan?

“I just need one more person.
Just one more person and I can be reborn and return to the human world!”

Feng Zixuan couldn’t move his body, but his eyes were red as he stared at Lu Zijia with hatred, like a demon from hell seeking revenge.

Lu Zijia’s expression didn’t change.
She crossed her arms in front of her chest and leaned her body slightly, looking very lazy.

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Lu Zijia only found what Feng Zixuan said funny.
“Why do I have to ruin your big plan? It’s very simple.
Because I’m a Taoist Master.
What do Taoist Masters do? Taoist Masters are people who specialize in ruining plans like yours.

“Are you satisfied with this reason?”

“Oh right, the so-called being reborn and returning to the human world you mentioned are totally wishful thinking.

“The Half Resurrection Spell is just a lie.
Why are you so stupid to believe it?”

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