Lu Zijia didn’t get close to him step by step.
Instead, she stopped and looked at Feng Zixuan with a faint smile while playing with the flame in her hand casually.

And the flame in her hand moved around as if it was alive, looking very intelligent.

However, this scene made Feng Zixuan’s face extremely pale.

It was because he was a skinless ghost, a skinless ghost that could only survive in human skin!

Skinless ghosts were most afraid of high temperatures, because high temperatures would cause the skin that they peeled off to quickly deteriorate, causing livor mortis and even rot.

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Once the human skin started to rot, it couldn’t be used anymore.
If they continued to use it, they would definitely arouse the suspicion of others and cause huge trouble for themselves.

In addition, each time they replaced the human skin, they consumed a lot of their power, so almost every skinless ghost would carefully preserve every piece of their human skin.

For example, they would never go to places with high temperatures or touch things with high temperatures.
Even things that they ate were better frozen.

Of course, even if skinless ghosts put on human skin, they were still skinless ghosts, so it was fine for them to not eat anything.

However, he needed to pretend sometimes and would more or less eat some.

So, when Lu Zijia deliberately formed a scorching flame, Feng Zixuan dodged reflexively.

“Damn it!”

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Feng Zixuan stared at Lu Zijia with hatred in his eyes, looking like he couldn’t wait to tear her apart immediately.

However, because of the high-temperature flame in her hand, he dared not to act rashly.

He still had to rely on Feng Zixuan’s human skin to complete his resurrection plan.
It couldn’t be destroyed.

Besides, Feng Zixuan came from a pretty rich family.
If he was reborn with Feng Zixuan’s human skin, he would be the real Young Master of the Feng family.

By then, he would have all the money and women he wanted.
He wouldn’t have to worry about these things like he did before he died.

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