“You reckless old man, you really think you’re something.
I hate people like you who think they’re superior the most in my life.”

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After saying that, Feng Zixuan kicked again, but Ye Guozhi dodged this kick luckily.


Ye Guozhi had never thought that Feng Zixuan would suddenly fly into rage and attack an elder like him.
This was simply unbelievable to the extreme.

Even though he had heard that Feng Zixuan’s personality had changed drastically in the past three years, he had never thought that he would become so outrageous!

“You what, old man? You’re really good at getting in the way.”

Feng Zixuan’s eyes were cold and there was a hint of viciousness in his voice.
“If you weren’t so nosy, my big plan would have been completed a long time ago.”

“You! Feng Zixuan, what exactly do you want? Haven’t you harmed our family enough?”

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Ye Guozhi glared at Feng Zixuan in anger and bellowed furiously.


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Feng Zixuan sneered and swept Ye Guozhi away by waving his hand.


The back of Ye Guozhi’s head hit the door with a banging sound and he only saw everything in front of him blurred before he passed out.


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A touch of disdain flashed through Feng Zixuan’s vicious eyes, as if Ye Guozhi was just an ant.

After dealing with Ye Guozhi, Feng Zixuan slowly walked towards the hospital bed and the excitement in his eyes flashed again.

“Just one more, just one more and I’ll be able to come back to life.
Then, I won’t have to fear the sun anymore and can live like a real living person.

“Just you wait.
When I come back to life, those people who did me wrong will all die, haha…”

Feng Zixuan let out a creepy laugh that made people’s hair stand on end.

Feng Zixuan glanced around and his gaze landed on the fruit knife on the bedside cabinet.

“Blood is the most beautiful color in this world.
Everyone should appreciate it together.”

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Feng Zixuan picked up the fruit knife and slowly drew out the sharp blade, showing a creepy and ferocious look on his face.

“No, I think yellow is pretty good.”

When the fruit knife in Feng Zixuan’s hand was about to cut the wrist of Wang Huiying who was lying on the hospital bed, a lazy voice suddenly sounded from the window next to the hospital bed.

Feng Zixuan was startled.
He immediately turned around and saw a beautiful woman in her early twenties standing by the window with her back leaning against it, smiling at him.

Seeing the pure and gorgeous face of the woman, astonishment immediately appeared in Feng Zixuan’s eyes.

And this woman was Lu Zijia.

Perhaps because Lu Zijia looked too harmless, Feng Zixuan actually relaxed very quickly and there was even obvious desire in his eyes.

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“You’re truly a stunner.
You even took the initiative to come to me.
Looks like today is truly a good day.

“But little elf, you must wait for me for a while.
When I’m done with my big plan, I’ll dote on you well.
I guarantee that you’ll beg me to continue doting on you in the future.”

Feng Zixuan said as he laughed with obscenity.
He immediately raised his hand and let out a plume of black fog that rushed towards Lu Zijia abruptly.

Lu Zijia didn’t move at all.
She just stood there, as if she couldn’t react.

Seeing this, Feng Zixuan, who was originally a bit vigilant, instantly became disdainful.

Even if she appeared with her aura hidden, she was probably not a match for him.
He had already absorbed the blood energy of nine women now.
After absorbing the blood energy of the last woman, not only would he come back to life, his strength would also increase tremendously.

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