rld generally wouldn’t use Half Spirit Stones to cultivate, unless they were really too poor to afford Spirit Stones.
Then, they would reluctantly choose to use Half Spirit Stones to cultivate.

However, why would there be Half Spirit Stones in this world? If there were Half Spirit Stones, would there be Spirit Stones as well?

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling excited.

She had thought that Spirit Stones wouldn’t appear in this world with extremely thin spiritual energy, but she had unexpectedly encountered one today!

Alright, even though it was only Half Spirit Stone, the spiritual energy contained inside was much richer than in those jade stones.

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“How did you get this stone?”

Lu Zijia didn’t touch the Half Spirit Stone in the box, but looked up at Ye Xinping and asked.

Ye Xinping gritted her teeth and said in the end after thinking about it, “This stone is our family’s heirloom.
I remember my grandma said that this isn’t an ordinary stone.

“My grandma also said that I can’t take it out in front of outsiders, especially in front of Taoist Masters, because this stone is very useful to them.

“So, Master, as long as you help me, I’ll give you this stone.
Please help me, okay? I’m begging you.”

Ye Xinping knelt down to Lu Zijia as she spoke.

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Lu Zijia waved her hand casually and pushed her a few steps back before sitting on the couch.

At the same time, Ye Xinping felt that the sharp pain in her abdomen seemed to have weakened a bit.

“Master…” Seeing Lu Zijia stay silent, Ye Xinping couldn’t help feeling more nervous in her mind.

“The stone is passed down in your family, so you don’t know the origin of this stone either?” Lu Zijia stared directly in Ye Xinping’s eyes, as if she could see through her.

Ye Xinping was immediately startled in her mind and had the urge to run away, but she still gritted her teeth fiercely and repressed the fear in her mind.

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