“You can’t call the police!”

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As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, Ye Xinping stopped her abruptly, looking a bit panicked.

“You can’t call the cops.
You can’t call the cops.
I still need to find my Brother Zixuan.
I still need to find my Brother Zixuan.
Please don’t call the cops, alright?

“Besides, it’s useless even if you call the cops.
I’m mentally ill.
The police can only send me to a mental hospital.
As long as I perform well, I can come out again.

“Let me tell you, if you call the cops and catch me, I’ll continue to look for your son after I’m discharged from the mental hospital, so you better not call the cops.”

Fang Yueqiu and Song Zhuohai: “…”

Lu Zijia: “…” Didn’t she say she wasn’t mentally ill just then? Why did she admit that she was now?

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Tut-tut, the way of thinking of a mental patient was truly confusing!

Song Zixuan: “!!!” What the hell! What on earth did he do to offend God that he wanted to mess with him like this? He was simply killing him!

Besides, wasn’t she mentally ill? The mental patient threatened them not to call the police.
When did mental patients become so smart?

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“Whose daughter are you?” Song Zhuohai pondered for a while and asked Ye Xinping.

Those who could be invited to the Gu family’s banquet were basically either rich or noble.
Besides, they could afford to stay in a villa, so their families should be pretty rich.

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The upper-class society in the capital was neither big nor small.
He might know Ye Xinping’s family.

Ye Xinping’s eyes glittered.
She shut her mouth and remained silent.

Song Zhuohai’s face became slightly sullen.
“If you don’t tell me, I can only call the cops.
Besides, I have the ability to make you stay in the mental hospital for a while longer.”

After hearing that, Ye Xinping blurted out with a panicked look, “No, no, don’t call the cops.
I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.
My father is the CEP of the Ye Group, Ye Guozhi.”

“Ye Guozhi?” Song Zhuohai was surprised and he looked at Ye Xinping with a slightly weird gaze.

“Right, right, my father is Ye Guozhi.
I’ve already told you.
You can’t call the cops.” Ye Xinping said anxiously with red eyes.

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After Song Zhuohai and his wife looked at each other for a while, they decided to let Ye Xinping go in the end.
“I’ll let you go this time, but if this happens again next time, I won’t show you mercy.”

His last sentence was full of the intention of warning her.

“Thank you, thank you, Uncle Song.”

Ye Xinping said gratefully, looking exactly like an ordinary person at this moment.

Lu Zijia removed the Immobilizing Spell for Ye Xinping and left with the three members of the Song family.

“Dad, is that all? Don’t you need to inform her family?”

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In fact, Song Zixuan didn’t suffer much during the two days he was locked up.
He was only shocked by Ye Xinping’s change of attitude.
Of course, there was also some nasty food that made his stomach hurt.

However, he was still a bit afraid that Ye Xinping would still be obsessed with him and lock him up again.

Experiencing it once was enough.
He didn’t want to experience it again.
If it happened again, he would really have a meltdown.

Song Zhuohai shook his head.
“You should bring two bodyguards with you when you go out from now on.”

Song Zixuan: “…” Why did he have the feeling that Ye Xinping was the victim?

Seeing that her husband had no intention of explaining, Fang Yueqiu explained on his behalf, “Son, don’t blame us for not helping you.
Our family really owes Uncle Ye a favor.
This time, just treat it as returning the favor.

“Besides, Ye Xinping is also pitiful.”

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