At the Mu family.

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“Girl, why are you looking for me so urgently?”

Luo Baode drove the car into the old mansion of the Mu family and asked Lu Zijia who was waiting for him at the door as soon as he got out of the car.

He almost got caught by Taoist Qingxuan when he was cleaning up the mess for this girl before.

If he didn’t run fast enough, he would have already been beaten up.

Almost every time he met this wretched girl, nothing good happened.
He wondered if he owed her in his previous life.

“Of course, something good!” Lu Zijia ignored his hostility and said with a smile.

“Senior Luo, let’s go inside first.” Mu Tianyan walked out of the mansion and said to Luo Baode.

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Luo Baode didn’t find it strange at first sight of Mu Tianyan.
After all, he had already known that Lu Zijia became Mu Tianyan’s wife.

However, the second time he looked at Mu Tianyan, he suddenly realized that Mu Tianyan walked out!

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No matter how calm Luo Baode was, he couldn’t help showing shock at this moment.

Mu Tianyan’s condition back then was that even the highly skilled doctors were certain that he would never be able to stand up again in this life, but now…

However, Luo Baode was also someone who had seen a lot of things in the world, so he quickly restrained his composure.

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In the mansion.

“Second Master, your legs…” Luo Baode couldn’t help but ask after sitting down.

After all, even the highly skilled doctors couldn’t do anything about Mu Tianyan’s legs, but Mu Tianyan’s legs were fine now.

This made Luo Baode extremely shocked.
At the same time, he also wanted to know if Mu Tianyan had met an even better doctor.

Of course, Luo Baode didn’t know much about Mu Tianyan’s situation either.

He only knew that Mu Tianyan had an accident back then.
Not only were his legs disabled, but his power was also taken away.

What he didn’t know was that Mu Tianyan was actually poisoned, so he couldn’t use his power and couldn’t walk.

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“They recovered.” Mu Tianyan said calmly, apparently unwilling to say more.

Regarding this, although Luo Baode was disappointed, he didn’t insist on asking either.
After all, everyone had their own privacy.

“Girl, you still haven’t told me why you asked me to come all the way here.
Don’t you know that I’m very busy?” Luo Baode looked at Lu Zijia and asked again.

Luo Baode’s attitude towards Mu Tianyan was completely different from his attitude towards Lu Zijia.
Perhaps it was because he treated Lu Zijia as one of his own men?

After all, Lu Zijia was one of his subordinates, wasn’t she?

“Ah? Director, are you busy?”

Lu Zijia blinked and frowned in frustration.
She immediately said with a regretful tone, “Director, if you’re very busy, you probably don’t have time to take these pills to break through to the next level, do you?

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“Ah, what a pity.”

Lu Zijia said as she deliberately took out a bottle of Vitality Pills.
She opened the lid and let the strong smell of medicine spread out.

She had already heard from Mu Yunhao and the others that the Vitality Pills were extremely tempting to Martial Artists.
With the Director’s miser-like personality, she didn’t believe that he wouldn’t take the bait!

As expected, Luo Baode, who smelled the strong fragrance of the pills, immediately became energetic and he stared at the jade bottle in Lu Zijia’s hand firmly.

“How did you…”

Luo Baode subconsciously wanted to ask why Lu Zijia had Vitality Pills.
The Special Administration Office didn’t have such pills at all.

But he immediately understood when he thought of Mu Tianyan.

Even though Mu Tianyan was kicked out of the main family of the Mu family, the Great Elder of the Mu family had never given up on Mu Tianyan.
So, it wasn’t strange that he gave Mu Tianyan pills.

Luo Baode’s thinking was surprisingly similar to that of Taoist Qingxuan!

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