ll difference in the name.
She didn’t know if they had the same effect.

“The Xuanyun Pill?”

Mu Yi thought about it and didn’t find any memories of such a pill in his mind.
However, judging from Mu Qi’s situation, the effects of Xuanyun Pill were definitely better than those of the Xuanji Pill.

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“The Xuanji Pill has the effect of increasing the cultivation level of Martial Artists.
I wonder if the effect of the Xuanyun Pill is the same, Madame?”

Lu Zijia nodded.
“The Xuanyun Pill is indeed helpful for breakthroughs.
So, do you think that my Xuanyun Pill is better or Xuanji Pill is better?”

She had never seen the Xuanji Pill, so she had no idea how effective it was compared to her Xuanyun Pill.

If the effect was worse than the Xuanji Pill, she still needed to spend some time to improve it.

There were many herbs she needed that couldn’t be found in this world, so she could only find herbs that could substitute them.

Therefore, it was normal that the effects of the pills refined were greatly reduced.

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“The effects of the Xuanyun Pill are better, Madame.
I think it’s twice as effective as the Xuanji Pill.” Mu Zijia replied after thinking for a while.

Hearing that, Lu Zijia was also relieved.
She immediately took out a small jade bottle from the space and threw it over.
“Then, take a look at this pill.”

Mu Yi broke out in cold sweat again because of the shock.
He controlled himself and finally suppressed his urge to complain about their Madame’s rough treatment of the precious pills.

“The Vitality Pill!”

Mu Yi couldn’t help exclaiming with astonishment in his eyes when he smelled the familiar smell of medicine.

Hearing the name Vitality Pill, Lu Zijia nodded secretly.
The name of the pill was the same as what they called it in this world, but she didn’t know if the effect was the same.

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