There were three men in their early thirties standing seven or eight meters away from Lu Zijia.
All three of them were wearing Taoist robes.
They were obviously Taoist Priests.

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These three Taoist Priests must be people sent out to find her by the Fourth Elder that the Director talked about.

When Lu Zijia saw the three men, the three men also saw Lu Zijia.
After meeting each other’s gaze, they slowly surrounded Lu Zijia, forming a circle.

Lu Zijia didn’t move and let them approach her slowly.

“Are you here for me? What’s the matter?”

Lu Zijia asked the three of them with a harmless and curious look on her pure and gorgeous face.

Perhaps the three of them saw that Lu Zijia was so young and looked so harmless, a glint of disdain flashed through their eyes, as if they didn’t take Lu Zijia seriously.

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They were already a bit dissatisfied in their minds that their master sent the three of them to catch a little girl together.

Seeing that this little girl wasn’t harmful at all, they felt like their master had underestimated the three of them too much.

“Why are you asking so much? Just come with us quickly.” One of the Taoist Priests, who had a darker skin color, said with a cold face and a bit fiercely.

“Second Senior Brother, aren’t you too unkind? She’s just a little girl after all.
It’ll be bad if you scare her.”

As soon as the Taoist Priest, who was called Second Senior Brother, finished talking, another short man smiled obscenely and stared at Lu Zijia with an evil gaze.

“Little girl, am I right? Come, I’ll protect you.
Don’t cry.”

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The short man said as he reached out his hands, trying to pull Lu Zijia into his arms.

However, before the short man succeeded, the third expressionless Taoist Priest stopped him first.

“Third Junior Brother, don’t forget what Master said.
Take her back as soon as possible and don’t cause any trouble.” The expressionless Taoist Priest said coldly.

The short man, who was called Third Junior Brother, couldn’t help looking displeased when he was stopped.
“I certainly didn’t forget what Master said.
I don’t need you to remind me, Eldest Senior Brother.”

“That would be great.”

The expressionless Taoist Priest, who was also the Eldest Senior Brother, glanced at him coldly and turned to look at Lu Zijia.

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“Come with us.” He said as he raised his hand and grabbed Lu Zijia’s shoulder to prevent her from escaping.

But his hand missed.

Lu Zijia moved and dodged the Eldest Senior Brother’s hand.
She immediately asked as if nothing had happened, “But I don’t know you.
Why should I go with you?

“Also, who’s the Master you’re talking about? Is your Master very powerful?”

Even though she already knew the identity of the Fourth Elder, she still didn’t know the other party’s strength.
It was also good to find out his background first.

Seeing that Lu Zijia dodged his hand, a trace of viciousness flashed through Eldest Senior Brother’s eyes and his sharp gaze instantly shot at Lu Zijia.

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Before the Eldest Senior Brother flew into rage, the Third Junior Brother said with a smile, “It’s alright if you don’t know us now.
You’ll know us soon, little girl.

“As for who our Master is, you’ll know when you see him yourself, little girl.

“Come, I’ll hold your hand.
I’ll never let other bad people bully you.”

The Third Junior Brother’s face became more and more obscene.
He even stretched out his groping hand to Lu Zijia again.

Lu Zijia had already been disgusted by his tone.
Seeing that he still wanted to take advantage of her, an extremely bright smile instantly appeared on her gorgeous face.

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