After dealing with the incident of the Jiang family, Lu Zijia immediately went to the antique market.
After searching for a long time, she finally found a copper furnace that could barely be used as an alchemy furnace.

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When she was about to go back to the Mu family happily with the furnace in her arms, she received a call from the miserly Director.

Lu Zijia’s first reaction when she saw the caller ID was that the Director must want to give her hard work again.

“D*mn girl, what took you so long to answer the call? If you still didn’t answer the call, I’d think you’ve already been killed!”

As soon as she picked up the call, Luo Baode’s furious shout sounded in the phone.
Lu Zijia felt that her eardrum was damaged and she almost hung up the call reflexively.

On the other side of the call, Luo Baode almost cursed out loudly when he saw that the call was hung up.
However, he immediately thought of something.
His face immediately became serious and he walked even faster.


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Seeing that the call was hung up by her reflexively, Lu Zijia blinked innocently.

It wasn’t her fault.
She only hung up reflexively because the Director scared her.
So, it was the Director’s fault.
Anyway, she didn’t do it on purpose.

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia immediately put away the phone and continued to walk out of the antique market with the furnace in her arms.

However, after walking a few steps, her phone rang again.
Feeling frustrated, she could only hold the copper furnace that weighed dozens of kilograms in one hand and take out her phone with the other.

“Girl, did something happen to you?”

When the call went through this time, Luo Baode didn’t shout furiously.
Instead, he said something that made Lu Zijia speechless.

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“Director, even if you’re a Director, you can’t curse me.
Oh, I know.
You must be jealous of my talent, so you cursed me.

“Director, you’re the leader of the Department.
Isn’t it bad for you to be so petty?”

After being speechless for a while, Lu Zijia started talking nonsense with a straight face.
Hearing that, blue veins popped out on Luo Baode’s forehead and he even had the urge of slapping her unconscious.

“Bah! Why would I be jealous of you? Why don’t you just fly to the sky?” Luo Baode said angrily.

“Hm? Director, how did you know I wanted to fly into the sky? Director, it turns out your prediction is so accurate!” Lu Zijia complimented him with a smile.

Cultivators could ascend when they cultivated to a certain level.
Wasn’t that the same as flying into the sky?

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And as a diligent cultivator, she certainly wanted to fly into the sky.

Luo Baode, who didn’t know that she was a cultivator: “!!!” Was this d*mn girl only willing to stop after pissing him off?

“I’m a magnanimous man.
I won’t argue with a girl who hasn’t even grown up!”

Luo Baode took a few deep breaths and said while gritting his teeth, “The Fourth Elder of the Maoshan Sect has already arrived in the capital city.
He should have already sent someone out to find you.
If you’re outside right now, go back to the Mu family right away.”

Mu Tianyan had the Great Elder of the Mu family behind him, so the Fourth Elder of the Maoshan Sect would more or less have some concerns.

And the Fourth Elder of the Maoshan Sect he was talking about was the brother of the dead Deputy Director.

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Lu Zijia stopped walking as soon as Luo Baode finished talking.
She gazed ahead.
“It’s too late to go back.”

Luo Baode was startled.
“What?! You…”

“Yes, they’ve already come.
It’s not convenient for me to fight while holding my phone.
I’ll hang up first.
Thank you, Director.”

Lu Zijia said as she hung up without waiting for Luo Baode’s reply.

Luo Baode, who was hung up again: “!!!” This d*mn girl deliberately made him anxious!

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