met another married man, but this time, the married man’s wife discovered the affair within a week.

“This time, Yang Qingtian still trusted you, her best friend, and helped you deal with it.

“In the second year of university, in order to get a supporting role, you even slept with an assistant director.
Unfortunately, you still didn’t get that role.

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“In the end, Yang Qingtian used her connections to help you get it.

“In the third year of university, a director wanted to invite Yang Qingtian to be the third supporting actress.
She had already agreed, but because you said that you wanted the role, she gave it to you.

“In the fourth year of university, when your mother was hospitalized due to an accident, Yang Qingtian gave you everything she had.
So, she could only go back and forth to her home four or five kilometers away on the bicycle in the coming week, just to eat.

“In order to help you, she didn’t even leave money for food for herself.
Li Yunzi, do you really not regret it?”

As Lu Zijia exposed one incident after another, people around became quiet unconsciously.
Some girls even cried silently.

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And because of this, they thought that Li Yunzi was too cruel.
She wasn’t worth Yang Qingtian treating her so well at all.

“So, it’s because of you.
It’s because of you that Xiao Qing didn’t eat on time and went to the hospital due to stomach pain!”

Su Chenyi glared at Li Yunzi with his red eyes and said with resentment, “Li Yunzi, Xiao Qing treated you so well, but you repaid her kindness with ingratitude.
Has your conscience really been eaten by dogs?”

As soon as Su Chenyi said that, the people around finally couldn’t help but fly into rage again and they looked at Li Yunzi with extreme disgust.

“Li Yunzi is too despicable.
She went to be the mistress of married men and slept with a director, bubt she framed Yang Qingtian for doing those things.
How disgusting.”

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