Chapter 498 The Effect of the Whitening Facial Masks (2)

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Fang Yueqiu subconsciously touched her face and asked with slight uncertainty.

She used the facial mask Master Lu gave her.
In fact, she didn’t dare to use it at first.
After all, Three Treasures had just had an incident not long ago.

But after thinking about it, she thought that Master Lu wouldn’t hurt her, so she mustered the courage and used it.
After using it, she was anxious for the whole night.
But what was surprising was that when she woke up the next day, not only was her face not ruined as she was worried about, her skin even seemed to be a bit fairer.

Of course, she also doubted if it was only in her mind that she thought she was fairer.

Hearing what her best friend said now, Fang Yueqiu was immediately sure that she was really a bit fairer.

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“It has really become fair!”

Mao Yahui stared at her face for a while and replied with certainty, “Did you use some new whitening products? The effect is too amazing!”

Her best friend was famous for not being fair when she was in university.
It was useless no matter how many whitening products she used.

Of course, it wasn’t really dark, but her skin was more like tanned.

“Right, right, Madam Song, I think you’ve become a lot fairer.
You didn’t put on much makeup today, did you?” The three women, who happened to walk over to greet them, also agreed after hearing their conversation.

“Ah, Madam Song indeed didn’t put on any makeup.
She only put on lipstick.”

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“Madam Song, you take care of your skin well.
Can you share your insights with us? Perhaps you’re using some branded skincare products?”

After the three women saw that Fang Yueqiu really didn’t put on any makeup, they couldn’t help feeling surprised.

The few of them had a relatively good relationship, so Fang Yueqiu didn’t hide anything and directly said, “I did use a new product.
I only used it once and it already has the effect I got right now.”

“Such an effect after using just once? Really? Is there some kind of hormone?”

While Mao Yahui was shocked, she couldn’t help worrying

Although the other three women didn’t say anything, they apparently thought so too, judging from their expressions.
“There shouldn’t be any hormones, right? I used the whitening facial mask last night.
If something happened to me, my face would have already had problems.

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“Look, my face is still fine.”

Fang Yueqiu said as she put her face closer to the others to show that there was nothing wrong with her face.

The few of them looked at her face carefully for a while.
Even though they didn’t see any problems, they were still a bit worried.

However, when Mao Yahui saw that her face was fine, she was relieved and she immediately asked, “Which brand of products are you using? Are there any products to remove pimples?

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“My son confessed his love to a girl a few days ago, but that girl rejected him because he had too many pimples on his face.

“My son has been very down lately.
I was thinking of taking him to the doctor in a few days.
If there’s a good acne removal product, he wouldn’t need to go to the hospital.”

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“I knew you’ve been worrying about your son lately, so I brought you this.”

Fang Yueqiu said as she opened her bag and took out a bottle of acne removal solution.
“Here, this is an acne removal solution.
Someone gave it to me.
I don’t need it, so I thought to give it to you.”

Mao Yahui’s eyes immediately brightened and she took it over happily.
If this acne removal solution really works, I’ll definitely treat you to a feast next time!”

“Hey, wait, this acne removal solution is from Three Treasures!”

One of the sharp-eyed women saw the logo on the box and couldn’t help exclaiming in shock.

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