You can think about it carefully when you get home.
Of course, you can also ask other Taoist Masters to help you deal with it.”

Lu Zijia said as she suddenly changed the subject and asked, “Do you have two 100 yuan banknotes with you?’

Zhu Meiyi was startled by her sudden change of topic, but she didn’t think much about it.
She quickly took out two brand new 100 yuan banknotes from her bag and handed them to Lu Zijia.

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Lu Zijia took the two banknotes and her hands moved quickly.
In just two moments, the two banknotes in her hands became two triangles.

“These two talismans can keep you safe for three days.”

Lu Zijia handed the talismans made of banknotes back to Zhu Meiyi, then turned around and left right away.

Zhu Meiyi looked at the unusual talismans in her hand in a daze and couldn’t help feeling a bit uncertain in her mind, but she still put one of the talismans on her son and the other one on herself.

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When Lu Zijia returned to the Mu family, she found that an adult and a child were waiting for her in the living room for dinner.

Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling a bit guilty.
She walked over and said, “Didn’t I tell you not to wait for me?”

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“Uncle said it’ll only taste good if we eat together.”

Mu Ruishu slid down from the couch and said as he raised his little head and looked at Lu Zijia.

Mu Tianyan raised his eyebrows slightly and glanced at his nephew.

Mu Ruishu’s neck shrank.
“Alright, Uncle didn’t say that.
Grandpa He said Auntie will like Uncle a bit more if I say more good things about Uncle in front of Auntie.
And if Auntie likes Uncle a bit more, she’ll like Xiao Rui a bit more too.”

Lu Zijia, whose mind was full of uncles and aunties: “…” This kid was playing tongue twisters!

“Kid, aren’t you hungry?”

Lu Zijia raised her hand and rubbed his little head a few times, then dragged him to the dining room.
“Come on, let’s go eat.”.

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