that there are ghosts in this world that people can’t see?” Lu Zijia said in a low voice.

Zhu Meiyi believed in Buddhism, so she was a bit superstitious.
Hearing what Lu Zijia said now, she immediately thought of what her son said before.
He didn’t want to jump off a building.
Someone dragged him to do so.

She had thought that her son was talking nonsense because he didn’t want to tell her the reason why he wanted to jump off the building.

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Thinking about it now, her son didn’t seem to be talking nonsense at that time.

“Young… Young lady, are you saying that my son suddenly tried to jump off the building because he was haunted by something dirty?” Zhu Meiyi asked carefully.

Seeing that she believed her, Lu Zijia saved herself the trouble of opening the Third Eye to allow Zhu Meiyi to see ghosts.

“Hm, she’s still following you.”

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Lu Zijia glanced behind her, indicating that the female ghost was right there.

“She said that your son insulted her online and was one of the people who drove her to death.
She wanted to take revenge on your son.

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“Your son hasn’t recovered from the shock yet.
You can ask him after he calms down.” Hearing that the dirty thing was still following them, Zhu Meiyi immediately turned pale.

“Young… Young lady, you… you can see ghosts?”

Zhu Meiyi had heard that some people were born to be able to see ghosts, so she thought Lu Zijia was such a person.

“Yeah, I’m a Taoist Master.
You can look for me if you need anything.”

Lu Zijia said as she took out her name cards the Director got for her and handed Zhu Meiyi a card.

“A Taoist Master?”

Zhu Meiyi was shocked.
She couldn’t help but doubt this Taoist Master in front of her because she was too young.

However, thinking that this Taoist Master saved her son just then, she should be quite capable..

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