Chapter 474: Digging a Trap and Singing Live


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After Song Zixuan digested everything, Lu Zijia told him some of her following plans.

Regarding this, Song Zixuan expressed that he was very willing to cooperate and even looked eager to do so.

‘When the two of them entered the private room, the people inside were surrounding Bai Xiao excitedly and didn’t notice the two people who pushed the door open and entered at all.
However, Bai Xiao, who was surrounded by everyone, noticed them.
When he saw Lu Zijia’s pure, beautiful and extremely attractive face, obscenity even appeared in his eyes.

“Go play with them!”

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Bai Xiao pushed away his girlfriend who had been absent-minded in his arms and said as he got up and walked towards Song Zixuan again.

Liang Lisi, who was pushed away by Bai Xiao, wasn’t dissatisfied at all, but seemed to be relieved instead.

“Master Song, is this beauty the friend you’ve been waiting for? You’re truly blessed with pretty women!”

Bai Xiao walked over and said to Song Zixuan with a meaningful smile.

He immediately glanced at Lu Zijia with a scorching gaze.

His interest in Lu Zijia was too obvious!

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Song Zixuan repressed the urge to beat Bai Xiao up.
He grabbed Bai Xiao, who wanted to sit next to Lu Zijia, and pressed him down on the seat next to him.

“This is my friend.
She happens to be free today, so I asked her here to hang out with us.”

Song Zixuan had no intention of introducing Lu Zijia to Bai Xiao at all.
He even changed the subject deliberately and said, “Right, Master Bai, we haven’t sung yet, have we?

“Do you dare to compete with me and see who can sing better?”

Song Zixuan was a bit embarrassed when he said this.
After all, there really weren’t many men who would compete with each other by singing

But in order to bring this scumbag, Bai Xiao, to justice, he could only bite the bullet and endure the embarrassment.

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As expected, after hearing what Song Zixuan said, Bai Xiao glanced at him with a weird gaze.

However, thinking that he could show off in front of Lu Zijia, Bai Xiao didn’t reject him.

“Master Bai is indeed straightforward, but there are only a few of us here and these people are all siding with you.
Isn’t that a bit unfair? Why don’t we go bigger?”

Song Zixuan was digging a trap step by step, waiting for Bai Xiao to fall into it.

Bai Xiao had always been willing to go all out and certainly had no objection to Song Zixuan’s suggestion of going bigger.
“Just tell me how you want to do it! I don’t have any opinion.”
“Since Master Bai said so, I won’t keep you in suspense.
To be fair, let’s do a live-stream and let those people watching the live-stream vote who sings better.

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“Whoever loses will pay today.
What do you think?”

Song Zixuan was apparently prepared to spend a lot of money with this move, but for justice, he gritted his teeth and gave it his all!

So, the original fun became a live stream.

Those people who came with them only found it strange, but they didn’t kill Bai Xiao’s mood after all.

‘The live-stream was ready and the two people who were competing were also ready.
One of the pretty girls stood out and volunteered to be the host.
No one present had any objections.
However, as he sang, Song Zixuan started having issues with this beautiful host and he even had the urge to slap her.
He couldn’t be blamed for not being a gentleman.
It was truly infuriating!
Throughout the entire song, she was criticizing him to support Bai Xiao.
She was totally like a brain dead fan.
She just hadn’t pushed Bai Xiao to the sky to be on an equal footing with the sun!

Perhaps because of the flattering of the beautiful host, the person who won in the end was Bai Xiao..

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