’s attitude.

“Uncle, if you want to invite my wife to your house next time, you can just send someone to my house.
There’s no need to send someone to invite her on the way at night.”

‘What Mu Tianyan said was apparently telling Mu Liren that he knew Mu Liren wanted to catch Lu Zijia.

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‘Mu Liren was very useless.
He was so terrified in front of his nephew that he even stuttered when he spoke.

He dared to lay a hand on the people around Mu Tianyan before only because Mu Tianyan didn’t show up in front of him.

As soon as Mu Tianyan showed up, the fear in his mind surged out and almost drowned him.

He still hadn’t forgotten the bloody scene where Mu Tianyan, this devil, came here three years ago to bring Mu Ruishu, that little bastard, home and almost crippled their entire family.
His wife’s hands, his right hand and his son’s left leg, although their tendons were reattached in the end, they could no longer carry heavy things, and his son could only walk but never run.
This also was one of the reasons why he had been trying so hard to kill Mu Tianyan all these years.

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‘Mu Tianyan said again as if he didn’t see his fear, “Uncle, you should know that I don’t like others touching my people around me without permission.
Those who do must pay a corresponding price.
“The price last time was your company.

“Why don’t you let Cousin bear the price this time? What do you think, Uncle?”

As soon as Mu Tianyan finished talking, Mu Liren’s pupils shrank abruptly and the fear in his eyes became even stronger.

And Mu Jinfeng, who was gagged, even shook his head crazily to express his rejection.

“No, no, no, you can’t.
You can’t touch Jinfeng, He’s your cousin!”

Mu Liren repressed the fear in his heart and said loudly, “Besides, if you dare to lay a hand on us again, even the Great Elder of the main family can’t continue to protect you!”

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