Chapter 459: The Cause of the Evil


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Lu Zijia knew that he was anxious, so she didn’t keep him in suspense and explained, “That little paper doll is a kind of Ghost Controlling Art.
An evil spirit can possess the paper doll and then control it to do things.

“Tve already sent away the spirit inside the paper doll just then.
Ziyi will be fine.

“The Blessing Talisman I gave Ziyi just then can help him resist a few disasters.”

Lu Zijia said as she took out five other Blessing Talismans from her body and gave them to Chu Ming.
“I only have these few Blessing Talismans with me.
Uncle Chu, keep them with you for your safety.”

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Chu Ming was touched in his mind, but he still said, “I can’t take these talismans for free.
How much are they? I’ll buy them from you.”

Chu Ming had worked with Luo Baode many times, so he knew that talismans were extremely difficult to draw.
Many Taoist Masters didn’t even know how to draw talismans and the talismans they used were bought from other people.
He thought that even though Lu Zijia suddenly became a Taoist Master, she wouldn’t know how to draw talismans yet.

After all, Lu Zijia still wasn’t a Taoist Master when she came to their house a few months ago.

“I drew these talismans.
They’re not worth much.
Uncle Chu, just take them.” Lu Zijia said casually.

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In fact, if these five talismans were sold, they would be worth one million yuan.
Of course, this was only if they were sold.

After that, the two of them refused each other back and forth.
In the end, Chu Ming still accepted the talismans and was very grateful to Lu Zijia in his mind.

In fact, Chu Ming wanted to ask when Lu Zijia learned the skills of a Taoist Master and how she knew how to draw talismans.

However, he thought that Lu Zijia was here to help him deal with his business right now, so he would ask her again when he had the chance in the future.

It turned out that the cause of the incident was a dream that Chu Ming repeatedly had recently.

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In the dream, a 19-year-old boy kept telling Chu Ming that he died miserably.
He was very unwilling to accept it and he begged Chu Ming to help him catch the murderer who killed him.

He even said that he was hit by a car intentionally and the person who hit him was called Bai Xiao, the Young Master of a rich family.

The boy who was knocked down was a university student.
Because of his poor family situation, he worked at a KTV after class to earn some living expenses with hard work.

Unexpectedly, it never rained but it poured.
Bai Xiao hated the boy just because his girlfriend pointed at him when she was angry and said, “He’s more handsome than you.”

So, on the way back from work, the boy was knocked to death by Bai Xiao on purpose.
He was even run over several times when Bai Xiao reversed the car back and forth.
The way he died could be said to be very terrifying.

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After killing someone, Bai Xiao was still living a befuddled life of intoxication with ease and nothing happened to him at all.

Because the surveillance cameras at the scene of the murder happened to be “broken” that night, and Bai Xiao had a witness to prove that he wasn’t present at the time of the crime, so there was no proof that Bai Xiao killed the boy.
“At first, I thought this dream was just a normal dream.

“However, after a few days, I felt that this dream wasn’t normal.
So, I asked someone to check and found that there really was a serious car accident at the place the young man in the dream talked about.
Someone even died.
“And the dead person is the same person as the teenager in my dream.”

Chu Ming said as he clenched his fists subconsciously.
There was uncontrollable anger on his face.

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“After that, I continued to check and found that the surveillance cameras that night were damaged coincidentally, as if someone did it..

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