Chapter 45: Jin Junyi and the Others Lost

Madam Fei could feel that her body was much better, and she was also worried about her husband in her mind.

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Madam Fei added again anxiously, as if she was afraid that Lu Zijia wouldn’t sell the talismans to them, “Any price is acceptable.
As long as you’re willing to sell them to us, we’ll be willing to buy them.”


Lu Zijia was about to tell them she didn’t have more Exorcizing Talismans when she suddenly heard a piercing scream from Grandma Ghost.

This caught Lu Zijia’s attention.
She looked over and saw that Grandma Ghost was stabbed in her abdomen by Tong Kexin’s peach wood sword.

Tong Kexin was thrilled.
He wanted to take the opportunity to control Grandma Ghost with the Exorcizing Talisman first, then deal with the more powerful Grandpa Ghost together with Che Zhibin and Jin Junyi.

Unfortunately, Tong Kexin had a too simple view of things.

“Honey! Honey, what’s wrong with you? Honey, don’t scare me!”

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Seeing his wife lose more than half of the dark energy in her body, Grandpa Ghost was so anxious that his beard became straight.

“You detestable bastards, my wife and I will kindly play with you, but you dare to do it for real!

“I’ll give you bastards a lesson.
You’re truly arrogant and ignorant!”

The dark energy in Grandpa Ghost soared suddenly and his strength became more than two times stronger than it was before.

Seeing that the situation was bad, Jin Junyi immediately took out a small piece of Yang Wood his master gave him, trying to suppress the terrifying dark energy in Grandpa Ghost.

“Bang! Poof!”

Jin Junyi had just cast half of the spell when he was already knocked away by the crutch Grandpa Ghost swung at him.

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His body clashed against a wall hard.
The vital energy and blood in his chest surged as he spurted out blood immediately.

“Fellow Jin!”

Seeing that Jin Junyi, the most powerful one among the three of them, was easily knocked away, Tong Kexin immediately panicked.


Che Zhibin was also stabbed in his chest by the crutch in Grandpa Ghost’s hand and blood instantly spouted out of his mouth.

The crutch in Grandpa Ghost’s hand wasn’t an ordinary crutch.
Perhaps because that crutch had stayed with Grandpa Ghost, it also carried very strong dark energy.

This meant that this crutch was Grandpa Ghost’s dharma weapon.

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Seeing that it was her turn, Tong Kexin’s expression changed drastically as her gaze suddenly landed on Lu Zijia at the same time.

Lu Zijia looked into Tong Kexin’s eyes and immediately felt something wrong.

As expected, what Tong Kexin did next proved Lu Zijia’s bad hunch.

She saw that Tong Kexin was rushing towards her as fast as possible.
Apparently, Tong Kexin wanted to use her as a shield.

However, how would Lu Zijia let her do as she wished?

Under the anxious gaze of Fei Dingshan and his family, Lu Zijia suddenly moved.

Tong Kexin thought that she was already behind Lu Zijia in order to use her as the shield.

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And yet, she suddenly discovered that Lu Zijia had somehow run a meter away to her left!

Before Tong Kexin understood why Lu Zijia was faster than she was, Grandpa Ghost’s crutch had already hit her back abruptly and caught her off guard, and she fell onto the ground.


Tong Kexin was the weakest one among the three of them.
After being severely injured and spurting out blood, she almost instantly died and passed out.

“Hm! You bastards know how impressive I am now, right?

“Let’s see if you still dare to disrespect your elders from now on!”

After knocking the three of them down, the dark energy in Grandpa Ghost reduced a lot quickly.

Apparently, he had ways of increasing his strength instantly in a short period of time.

Grandpa Ghost lectured Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin as he knocked the floor twice in front of them with his crutch.

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