Chapter 457: The Incident of the Chu Family (2)


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“Someone pushed you? Son, you can’t lie.
Come, look at me and tell me.
Did someone really push you out onto the road?”

Qiao Mengxuan held her son’s face and made him look in her eyes as she asked seriously.

Chu Ming also looked at his son with a solemn look.
“Son, you can’t lie to Mom and Dad.”

Chu Ziyi felt a bit aggrieved.
“I’m not lying.
Someone really pushed me there.”

Chu Ziyi said as he pointed at his back with his hand with a sincere look on his little face.

Seeing that his son didn’t seem to be lying, something suddenly came to Chu Ming’s mind and he looked very pale.
“Son, did you see the person who pushed you?”

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Chu Ziyi shook his head.

“It’s my fault.
I didn’t take good care of my son.” Qiao Mengxuan held her son in her arms and started crying again.

A trace of malevolence flashed through Chu Ming’s eyes.
He pulled his wife and son into his arms and blamed himself, “No, it’s my fault.

“This might be directed at me.
He’s warning me.
He’s warning me not to be nosy!”

Even though Qiao Mengxuan didn’t know who “he’ that her husband mentioned was, she could guess that it might be someone who didn’t get along with her husband at work.
“Honey, don’t blame yourself.
You just have to do your job well and have a clear conscience.
I’ll always support you.

“Those people dare to use such dirty means.
They’ll get their karma sooner or later!” Qiao Mengxuan said furiously.

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“Thank you, Honey.”

Chu Ming was touched in his mind and he held the two of them in his arms tighter.
“I’ll definitely bring those people to justice.”

Qiao Mengxuan was about to nod and say something when the doorbell rang.

“Who would come at this time?”

Qiao Mengxuan looked up at the sky that had already turned dark and couldn’t help feeling a bit confused.

People rarely came to their home at this time.

“Tl go get the door.” Chu Ming patted his wife’s shoulder and got up to answer the door.

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“Be careful.”

Qiao Mengxuan reminded him a bit worriedly.

It wasn’t that she was too doubtful, but she just had an experience where she almost lost her son, so she had to think more about it.

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Chu Ming nodded and walked to the door, picking up the baseball bat by the wall.

“Zijia?” Looking out through the peephole on the door, he saw someone that made him very surprised.
Chu Ming showed obvious shock on his face.
Chu Ming put down the baseball bat in his hand and opened the door quickly.

“Hi, Uncle Chu.”

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After the door was opened, Lu Zijia greeted him with a smile first and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Uncle Chu, for disturbing you this late.”

In fact, if the Director hadn’t asked her to talk to Chu Ming first because it was urgent, she wouldn’t have come here at this moment.

Coming at this time indeed made her look like she was here scrounging for food.

“It’s not a big deal.
I can’t be happier that you can come to my house as a guest.”

Chu Ming looked behind her and found that she came here by herself.
He couldn’t help feeling even more confused, but he still invited her into the house first.
“Zijia, didn’t your mother come with you?”

Seeing that it was Lu Zijia, Qiao Mengxuan was as surprised as Chu Ming.
“Come, have a seat.
I’ll get you some tea.”

Lu Zijia had come to their house before, but she always came with her mother at that time.

“Aunt Chu, you dont have to get me tea.
I’m only here to talk to Uncle Chu about something.”

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