Chapter 453: The Truth of the Ye Family Incident (3)

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In the end, Chang Yiyue still couldn’t make Ye Fenglin soft-hearted towards her and she was kicked out of the Ye family by the security guards.

After Chang Yiyue was kicked out, the old lady was also kicked out.

‘When she got home, the old lady sent the money that Chang Yiyue gave her to an orphanage without hesitation, even though she was heartbroken.

She had no choice.
If she didn’t do what that evil god said, her old bones would really collapse and fall apart.

Of course, that was another story.

“Master, thank you.”

Ye Nanxi’s emotions came and went quickly.
Soon, she smiled again and thanked Lu Zijia sincerely.

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“Two minutes.”

Lu Zijia looked at the time again and said indifferently, “You and I only made a deal.
You just have to give me a wisp of the Golden Light of Merit as promised.”

After saying that, she turned around and looked at the boy, who was following behind Ye Nanxi, “You passed away because of illness and you had a harmonious family when you were alive.
Your parents didn’t treat you badly.
“The reason why you didn’t reincarnate after you died was because someone forced you into a posthumous marriage.

“Now, are you willing to cancel the posthumous marriage?”

Even though the boy was still confused, he could still understand what they said and he knew that he was tied to Ye Nanxi because someone wanted to harm her.

He didn’t have any resentment towards this.

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So, after hearing Lu Zijia’s question, he nodded without hesitation.

Lu Zijia nodded and immediately drew a wisp of aura from the boy’s spirit, inserted it into the posthumous marriage certificate on the ground, and cast another spell.
However, the posthumous marriage certificate immediately ignited on its own and turned into ashes within two blinks.

‘The moment the posthumous marriage certificate turned into ashes, Ye Nanxi’s body suddenly felt much more relaxed.


After ending the posthumous marriage, Lu Zijia directly opened the passage for reincarnation and signaled the boy to go in.

“Thank you.”

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The boy showed a warm smile to Lu Zijia, so pure that it made people feel relaxed.

After sending the boy away, Lu Zijia looked at Ye Nanxi again.
“I’m going to extract a wisp of the Golden Light of Merit from you right now.
Relax and don’t struggle.”
Even though Ye Nanxi couldn’t see the boy, she still followed Lu Zijia’s gaze and stared at him, as if this could be considered as sending the boy off.

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, she immediately came back to her senses, nodded and relaxed her nerves very cooperatively.
“Oh, okay.”

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Lu Zijia took out a wisp of the Golden Light of Merit from her body and carefully put it on a talisman temporarily.

“Things are settled.
I should go.”

After saying that, Lu Zijia immediately disappeared without waiting for Ye Nanxi to reply.

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Luckily, Ye Fenglin sent those guards and servants away when he kicked Chang Yiyue and the old lady out.
Otherwise, Lu Zijia’s behavior would probably cause a small panic.
“Wow! Master is so impressive!”

Ye Nanxi wasn’t startled by Lu Zijia’s sudden disappearance.
Instead, she admired Lu Zijia even more.

“Xiao Xi.”

Ye Fenglin called his daughter seriously.

Ye Nanxi, who was originally excited, immediately lowered her head as if she did something wrong when she saw her father’s serious look.
She immediately apologized, “Dad, I’m sorry.”

Ye Fenglin sighed as frustration flashed through his eyes.
“Silly child, what did you do wrong? I’m the one who’s wrong..
If I didn’t bring her back, you wouldn’t have almost…”

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