Lu Zijia didn’t give him a chance to reject her.
She got a lump of ointment with her hand and smeared it on his face.

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Mu Tianyan, who was confused: “…”

Ten minutes later.

“Alright, you can wash the ointment off your face.”

Lu Zijia, who stared at Mu Tianyan with a covetous look on the side and didn’t allow him to wipe off the ointment on his face, finally announced kindly that Mu Tianyan was free.

Seeing her smiling face, Mu Tianyan didn’t move in the bathtub.
He asked as if he was talking nonsense, “You want me to wash it off now?”

“Right, quick, quick, let me see how the effect is.
If it’s not good, I can still improve it a bit.”

Lu Zijia nodded without hesitation and urged.

The corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth curved up with a touch of evilness and the glint of success flashed through his eyes.

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As soon as he finished talking, Mu Tianyan suddenly stood up with both hands holding the bathtub on both sides.

So, Lu Zijia, who was staring at Mu Tianyan without blinking, was caught off guard and saw the naked Mu Tianyan and Little Tianyan!

“Mu! Tian! Yan!!”

A roar as loud as that of a lion resounded throughout the villa, which startled Mu Yunhao and the others who were waiting outside.

In the room.

“Madam, you asked me to wash off the ointment.”

Mu Tianyan was still standing in the bathtub calmly, looking so innocent with the black ointment on his face.

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Lu Zijia, who had already turned around reflexively: “!!!”

Damn! This evil man was really addicted to tricking her!

“Fine, you win!”

Lu Zijia gritted her teeth and uttered three words, then immediately ran away.

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Looking at the figure that disappeared quickly, Mu Tianyan chuckled in a low voice.
His laughter was very pleasant.

“My wife, you can’t run away.”

Feeling the power of his legs that he had not felt for a long time, Mu Tianyan’s black eyes gradually became as deep as whirlpools.

“Madame, what happened?”

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Mu Yunhao and the others, who were worried because of Lu Zijia’s fierce lion roar, immediately surrounded Lu Zijia and asked anxiously when they saw her come out.

Lu Zijia was feeling frustrated, and Mu Yunhao and the others were in cahoots with Mu Tianyan, that evil man.
She shut up and left after rolling her eyes at them angrily.

Mu Yunhao and the others, who were left on the spot: “???”

“What’s wrong with Madame?”

“I don’t know.
Madame is a bit strange today.”

“Right, Madame’s face was so red just then.
Is she having a fever?”

“Probably not.
Wasn’t she fine this morning? Why would she get a fever after the morning?”

“You fools, Madame is stronger than us.
How could she possibly have a fever like ordinary people?”

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“Then, what’s wrong with Madame? It can’t be that the room is hot, right?”

Mu Yunhao, who was listening to the discussion of his brothers quietly, suddenly seemed to find out something and he showed an expression of profound meaning.

Tut-tut, Madame was blushing and looked angry.
Did Second Master behave like a hooligan inside?

He found out the truth!

“Shush… Second Master is out.”

Someone noticed something on the doorknob and immediately reminded his brothers.

So, the secret guards, who were originally discussing why Lu Zijia flushed, immediately shut their mouths and looked at the door of the room together, waiting for their Second Master to come out.


Three seconds, six seconds, sixteen seconds passed.
The Second Master they were waiting for still hadn’t come out.

The secret guards and Mu Yunhao: “???”

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