If Uncle Yi was her mother’s husband in the future, it would be pretty good.

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Thinking of this, Lu Zijia showed a bright, “obedient” smile to Yi Shiyuan, looking very harmless.


Yi Shiyuan, who was originally afraid that Lu Zijia would dislike him, couldn’t help but relax slightly when he saw Lu Zijia smiling at him.


Yi Shiyuan was relieved, but Mu Tianyan, who saw his wife smiling at another man, got a bit jealous.


Lu Zijia had no idea about this at all.


Mu Yunhao, who stayed invisible quietly, mourned for Lu Zijia in his mind for a second.


Lu Zijia had never thought that there would be a guest at home.
It was certainly not a suitable time for what she wanted to say to Du Xiangjun.

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So, during lunch time, Du Xiangjun and Yi Shiyuan were mostly talking about what happened after Yi Shiyuan went abroad.
In order not to bore Mu Tianyan, they talked more about Lu Zijia when she was little.


As expected, Mu Tianyan listened the most seriously.


Seeing his Second Master sitting upright and listening like a primary school student in class, Mu Yunhao silently looked away and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up.


He had never thought that the usually cruel and cold-hearted Second Master would be so obedient in front of his mother-in-law.

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If he took a picture of Second Master’s obedient look with his phone for other brothers to see, would Second Master’s cold image immediately shatter?


However, if his Second Master’s image was ruined, it seemed that he would suffer as well… So, it was better for him to forget about taking photos!

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After the few of them finished lunch happily, Yi Shiyuan said he had something to do and left.


In fact, he was worried that Lu Zijia and her mother wouldn’t be able to talk if he was here.


After Yi Shiyuan left, Lu Zijia repeated what Uncle He said to her to Du Xiangjun.


Then, she said with a cunning look, “Mom, let me tell you something very interesting.
I guarantee you’ll be happy to hear it.”


Du Xiangjun, who was originally a bit angry, immediately became curious after hearing what her daughter said.
“What’s so interesting?”


Mu Tianyan and Mu Yunhao were family.
Lu Zijia was not afraid that they would hear her, so she said with a smile.

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“I’ve seen Lu Bochuan’s face.
He has no son and only one daughter in his life.
So, Mom, do you know what this means?”


Du Xiangjun was first startled, then she looked at her daughter in disbelief.


She was very certain that her precious daughter had half of Lu Bochuan’s blood, so this meant that… Lu Wanyuan and Lu Yuan weren’t Lu Bochuan’s children?


The impactful truth shocked Du Xiangjun and she still couldn’t come back to her senses after a long time.


Even Mu Tianyan and Mu Yunhao looked slightly surprised.


“Hahaha, karma, it’s really karma! Not only was Lu Bochuan cheated on, but he also helped someone else raise a son and a daughter.
Hahaha, I’m dying of laughter!”

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Even though Du Xiangjun was laughing at his misfortune, tears welled up in her eyes.


Lu Bochuan had raised someone else’s children to torment his only daughter.
It was truly the biggest joke in the world!


She really wanted to see how Lu Bochuan would react after hearing the truth.


Thinking of this, Du Xiangjun felt extremely delighted in her mind, as if the resentment stuck in her chest was finally released.


As for whether what her daughter said was true or not, she didn’t doubt it..
Anyway, she trusted her daughter.

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