your titular wife.
You don’t have to be so serious.”

But looking into his deep eyes that were full of seriousness, she suddenly couldn’t say anything.

And somehow, she even felt a bit of joy in her heart?

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Without waiting for Lu Zijia to think about it carefully, Luo Baode, who was on the side, saw that the two of them seemed to be going to quarrel (in fact, they weren’t), so he immediately interrupted and said, “Right, right, right, since you’re already husband and wife, you should care about each other.

“Girl, you have a man who cares about you.
You must treasure him.

“Otherwise, it’ll be too late to regret it when you lose him, just like me… Ahem, anyway, just cherish him.”

Luo Baode, who realized that he almost exposed something, immediately coughed twice and finished the topic vaguely.

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Lu Zijia: “…” She and Mu Tianyan weren’t really husband and wife.
How could she treasure him?

She couldn’t pounce on him forcefully, could she?

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Even though Mu Tianyan did suit her taste very well, she was still reserved!

Afraid that Mu Tianyan would continue talking about “husband and wife,” Lu Zijia changed the subject without being noticed and said to Luo Baode quietly, “Director, you haven’t told us why you are here.
Are you here for a walk?”

Lu Zijia was just talking nonsense when she asked if he was here for a walk.
However, Luo Baode’s eyes indeed brightened after hearing that.

“Right, right, right, I’m just here for a walk.
The moon is shining bright today.
It’s most suitable for a walk under the moon.”

Luo Baode shook his head, looking relaxed as if he was reciting poems.

Lu Zijia’s forehead twitched and she looked at him as if he was crazy.

He was strolling in a floral shirt and even came to an abandoned area with no one around..
Why didn’t he just go to heaven?

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