Chapter 388: Master Lu Was Causing Hatred Again!

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“How did I know that the person behind you is the Deputy Director?” Lu Zijia found his reaction funny when she looked at him.

Even if she didn’t use her deity-sense to scan the area, based on the strange feeling the Deputy Director gave her that day and the relationship between Che Zhibin and the Deputy Director, she could already guess that it was most likely the Deputy Director.

After all, she had only been in this world for a few months and the number of people she had offended could be counted with both hands.

Of course, Old Weird Taoist’s incident hadn’t been exposed yet, which was why it could be counted with both hands…

Under Che Zhibin’s surprised and doubtful gaze, Lu Zijia smiled particularly brightly.
“Of course, I guessed with my brain!”

Lu Zijia’s words carried a hint of intention to tease him, as if she was refuting Che Zhibin for saying that she was stupid just then.

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As expected, Che Zhibin’s face immediately turned red and green.
What a good show of changing faces.

“Hahaha, girl, you’re really smart.
No wonder the Director treats you differently.”

As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, a slightly old and cold voice came from the top floor of the abandoned building and entered Lu Zijia’s ears clearly.

Lu Zijia replied very humbly, “Deputy Director, you flattered me.”

“No, you’re too humble, little girl.
I actually admire you a lot, so I want to take you in as my direct disciple.
I wonder if you want to?”

The Deputy Director didn’t go around the bushes with Lu Zijia, but directly stated her purpose.

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As for whether this purpose was real or not, Lu Zijia would have to judge for herself.

After hearing what the Deputy Director said, Che Zhibin’s expression changed and his eyes were full of shock.

His Master wanted to take Lu Zijia as her direct disciple? Why didn’t he know that? His Master said she would kill Lu Zijia and trap Lu Zijia’s soul for him to vent his anger.

Why? Why did Master change her mind now?

Thinking that once Lu Zijia became Taoist Xuening’s direct disciple, she would be even more superior to him and would even take revenge on him by making things difficult for him, Che Zhibin immediately couldn’t stay calm.

However, due to the dignity and means of Taoist Xuening, he didn’t dare to question Taoist Xuening’s words even if he wasn’t calm in his mind.
So, he could only panic in his mind secretly.

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“Direct disciple?”

Lu Zijia tilted her head and said in a curious tone, “Will I get any benefits after becoming your direct disciple? For example, is there anything good that you’d give to your direct disciple?”

Lu Zijia said very straightforwardly, as if whether or not she wanted to become the direct disciple of the Deputy Director depended entirely on whether there was anything good that could move her heart.

This made Che Zhibin feel extremely frustrated in his heart and he had the urge to tear Lu Zijia apart.

He had been in the Maoshan Sect for many years and he had always wanted a senior to take him in as a disciple, so he could succeed in one step.

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However, this was only a thought in his mind and he still hadn’t fulfilled it until today.

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Hearing that Taoist Xuening took the initiative to take in a direct disciple and the person who was chosen wasn’t him, Che Zhibin’s jealousy and hatred towards Lu Zijia in his mind instantly doubled.

How could this piece of trash, Lu Zijia, be so lucky? Not only could she make the Director treat her differently, but she also made his Master take the initiative to accept her as a direct disciple.
She was simply fortunate!

However, this d*mn piece of trash still pretended to be obedient after getting an advantage.
She immediately asked his Master for benefits.
She truly had no shame and didn’t have any manners at all.

However, it would be a good thing for him if his Master was dissatisfied with this waste because of this..

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