that she was watching the moon!

However, the two of them, who were “negotiating”, didn’t notice her casual behavior.
Otherwise, the tense atmosphere would definitely be ruined instantly.

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Before Zhu Yunya defended her daughter again, Cheng Keqi said mockingly, “You must think your daughter is a good person, right? But do you know that your daughter has bad academic results?”

Zhu Yunya didn’t know why she suddenly asked this question, but she still opened her mouth and wanted to answer.

However, before she said anything, Cheng Keqi interrupted her directly.
“I guess you’ll definitely say that your daughter has good academic results, right? That’s right, she’s one of the best students at her level.
How would her results be bad?

“But those were my results.
From the first year to the second and third year, your daughter stole my results without any qualms and became the genius goddess in other people’s eyes.

“As for me, I became a piece of trash in the mud.
People even felt disgusted when they looked at me.

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“Even the teachers were disappointed with me.”

Cheng Keqi’s eyes that didn’t have any white color at all gradually turned red, as if she was crying.

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Her voice was cold and sad.
“I was very sad.
I was really sad.
My grandparents didn’t say anything.
They didn’t reproach me for suddenly getting such bad results.

“But I know that Grandpa and Grandma didn’t feel good in their minds.
I had cried many times because of this, but no matter how many times I cried, your daughter didn’t return my results to me and even threatened me to drop out of school.”

“I hated myself.
I really hated myself.
I hated myself for being so weak.
I hated myself for not being able to trick your daughter.
Even the teachers didn’t believe me.

“No one believed me and no one was willing to help me.
I felt terrible.
I was helpless..
I prayed constantly that someone would save me and let me walk out of the dark.”

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