girl can’t stand jokes.
She jumped off a building and killed herself because of a small matter between classmates.
How can she face her parents who raised her?”

The more Zhu Yunya talked about it, the angrier she got, the more she felt that her daughter did nothing wrong and that it was totally someone else’s fault.

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Let alone outsiders would frown after hearing that, even Fang Chengtao, Fang Yingying’s father, couldn’t listen to it anymore.

“Alright, she’s already gone.
What’s the point of saying that?” Fang Chengtao interrupted Zhu Yunya, who wanted to continue talking.

Without waiting for Zhu Yunya to fly into rage, he turned to Lu Zijia and explained respectfully, “It’s just our guess, because when my daughter started having nightmares, she called out Cheng Keqi’s name and she still does from time to time after that.

“That’s why we guessed that the ghost who came to pester my daughter is my daughter’s classmate, Cheng Keqi.”

Speaking of this, Fang Chengtao felt guilty and painful at the same time.
He said with an extremely heavy voice, “I know that the Fang family has let that little classmate down, but… but Yingying is my daughter after all.
I can’t just watch something happen to her without doing anything.”

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“It’s my fault for not educating her well.
If that little classmate still wants to vent her anger, let me, her father, suffer for her.

“If I hadn’t failed to teach my daughter well, the tragedy a year ago wouldn’t have happened.

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“So, please help my daughter, master.
As long as you can save my daughter, I’ll have no complaints even if I have to give my life to her little classmate.”

Fang Chengtao said firmly.
Apparently, he had already decided that he would save his daughter’s life no matter what.

However, before Lu Zijia spoke, Zhu Yunya burst out in anger.
“Fang Chengtao, what are you talking about? What do you mean by not teaching your daughter well?”


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