now what she was thinking? However, their daughter was about to die right now.
He couldn’t watch her die just like that.

Living a difficult life was better than losing one’s life.

In the end, Fang Chengtao still told the truth in detail.

It turned out that Fang Yingying always bullied a quiet, self-abased and cowardly high school female classmate in school a year ago.
That female classmate was called Cheng Keqi.

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Perhaps Cheng Keqi was bullied so badly the last time that she committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the school.

This incident caught a lot of attention in the school and the society back then.

In order to protect his daughter, Fang Chengtao could only go against his conscience and use his connections to suppress the matter.
At the same time, he let his daughter transfer to another school to lie low.

And yet, even though the matter was suppressed, the other schools didn’t dare to take Fang Yingying in, so Fang Yingying stopped going to school this year.

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Fang Chengtao only wanted to protect his daughter.
He didn’t suppress or eliminate Cheng Keqi’s family.
He even gave them a sum of money.

However, Cheng Keqi’s family refused to accept the money no matter what.
They only wanted to seek justice for Cheng Keqi.

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However, a year had passed and Cheng Keqi’s family still hadn’t been able to seek justice for her.

And the culprit, Fang Yingying, who indirectly forced Cheng Keqi to die, was still living happily.
She didn’t feel guilty at all because of what happened to Cheng Keqi.

Seeing that his daughter didn’t feel guilty at all, but went out to play every day and came back almost every night drunk, Fang Chengtao was extremely disappointed.

After some education, seeing that his daughter had no intention of changing at all and that his wife was stopping him, Fang Chengtao gave up completely and didn’t discipline his daughter anymore.

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