As soon as the last word was uttered, the female spirit suddenly made a vicious attack at Lu Zijia, as if she wanted to kill Lu Zijia.

Seeing the huge head formed by the black fog flying straight at her, Lu Zijia opened her creepy mouth and her eyes turned cold.
She casually let out a beam of spiritual energy and instantly shattered the huge head formed by the black fog.

Without waiting for the female spirit to react, Lu Zijia performed another spiritual energy attack that rushed towards the female spirit like a ferocious tiger.


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The female spirit couldn’t dodge in time and took Lu Zijia’s attack head-on.
Her body instantly became unstable, as if it would dissipate with the wind at any moment.

Realizing how powerful Lu Zijia was, the expression of the female spirit was so distorted and ferocious, looking terrifying.
After glancing at Lu Zijia with resentment and unwillingness, she quickly escaped.

Lu Zijia didn’t chase after her, but walked into the door of the Fang family’s villa as if nothing had happened.

On the roof.

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“Yingying, I’m begging you, come down quickly.
Don’t scare me, Yingying!”

Seeing her daughter almost jump down several times in front of her, Zhu Yunya was so scared that her heart jumped to her throat.
Her face was full of begging and tears kept falling.

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However, Fang Yingying didn’t seem to hear her at all.
There was a ferocious look on her extremely haggard face.
She kept waving her hands and mumbling something softly.

After Fang Chengtao rushed up, he kept persuading his daughter, but it still didn’t work.

“You can go and bring her down directly.”

Lu Zijia said directly to Fang Chengtao and his wife after going up to the roof.

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, Zhu Yunya’s first reaction was showing endless anger..
She thought that Lu Zijia was just saying something irresponsible without caring about her daughter’s life.

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