After getting confirmation, Mu Yunhao got totally shocked.

They were in a situation where magical energy was running out.
If they were able to plant lots of such fruits, then the whole Warriors’ World would be shocked and everyone would become extremely crazy.


Well, with drawbacks came advantages.

If they were not capable enough to keep great control of the fruits, then they would run into huge disasters.

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For one moment, Mu Yunhao was not sure if he should be glad or worried.

However, Mu Tianyan said with a meaningful tone, “This is the only fruit in this world.

That meant that the fruit contained magical energy for the warriors, and it should not be leaked.

Mu Yunhao had been standing by Mu Tianyan’s side since he was little, so he understood what he meant.

“Got it.”

Mu Yunhao found that it was a pity that the fruit was kept as a secret, but he never countered or suspected what Mu Tianyan had said.

And also, he knew that he should not draw too much attention.

Mu Tianyan gave the fruit to Mu Ruishu and asked him to eat the fruit now.

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Mu Ruishu had intended to spare the fruit for his uncle, but his uncle turned it down and asked him to eat it instead.

After the fruit was finished, Mu Ruishu felt very, very comfortable like never before.

Mu Ruishu was not aware of what happened to his face, but Mu Yunhao and Mu Tianyan saw it clearly.

Mu Ruishu’s pale face turned red instantly.

It was a slight move, but for a feeble boy like him who had been feeding on medicine for years, it was a huge surprise.

“Uncle, the fruit given by aunt is so tasty.”

Mu Ruishu leaked his lips, looking rather obsessed about it.

“Aunt?” Mu Yunhao looked shocked.

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