limbed up on the chair swiftly and sat down.


“Auntie, this isn’t a sunny-side-up!”

Mu Ruishu poked at the mixture of egg yolk and egg white in the bowl with the chopsticks in his little hand.
There was even a bit of burnt fried egg.
He pouted and criticized in dissatisfaction.

Lu Zijia swallowed the noodles in her mouth and rolled her eyes at him impolitely.
“It’s already good that you have something to eat.
You’re so picky.
No wonder you’re so skinny like a pole.”

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Lu Zijia said as she lowered her head and continued eating the noodles, having no intention to talk to Mu Ruishu again.

“Hm! I don’t look like a pole, bad Auntie.”

Mu Ruishu said with disdain, but his action wasn’t implicit at all.
He happily ate the hot egg noodles made by his Auntie.

Mu Tianyan, on the other hand, observed the bowl of noodles in front of him first.
He finally started eating after seeing that it looked pretty good.

Lu Zijia happened to notice what he did, so the despicable person in her mind immediately became speechless.

Mu Tianyan reacted like this apparently because he was worried that the egg noodles she made were bad!

Was she a rich lady who would only make something bad when she cooked in this man’s mind?

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Thinking of this, she didn’t even bother to eat the noodles.
She stared at Mu Tianyan with a deep gaze and had the urge to snatch the bowl of noodles back and eat it herself.

However, the next second, Lu Zijia’s mood immediately turned from being gloomy like a cloudy day to being happy like a sunny day, the kind of sunny day with the huge sun out.


Perhaps Mu Tianyan sensed Lu Zijia’s resentment, he nodded slightly after tasting the noodles then looked up at Lu Zijia and said, “Not bad, I really like it.”

As for whether it was the egg noodles or something else that was good, only Mu Tianyan himself knew…

“You have good taste.”

Lu Zijia raised her chin and showed a satisfied look, then immediately continued filling her stomach..

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