Chapter 353: Mu Tianyan’s Uncle

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Hearing that, Mu Liren frowned and a glint of light with unknown meaning flashed through his eyes.

“Father, do you want me to take someone…” Seeing that his father wasn’t talking, Mu Jinfeng couldn’t help but say.

However, before he finished talking, Mu Liren interrupted him.
“Don’t act rashly.
Mu Tianyan is not easy to deal with.
By then, we’ll only suffer losses ourselves.”

Speaking of Mu Tianyan, Mu Liren looked ferocious and evil for a second, but soon smiled again.

Mu Tianyan used to be the most talented genius in the history of the Ancient Martial Arts Mu family.
However, a genius who hadn’t grown up only had the name of a genius!

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Once the title of genius was taken away, he would be nothing.

Thinking of his daughter who replaced Mu Tianyan, Mu Liren immediately felt much better.

Mu Jinfeng had no idea what his father was thinking in his mind.
Hearing that he wasn’t allowed to do anything, he got even more furious in his mind.
“Are we going to do nothing and wait for Mu Tianyan to attack us first?

“Father, Mu Tianyan is just a genius of the past right now.
He has been kicked out of the main Ancient Martial Arts Mu family.
Why should we be afraid of him?”

Mu Jinfeng used to be confident that he would definitely be adored by the members of the main family, so that he would be taken back to cultivate and become a genius Martial Artist, receiving the admiration of countless people.

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However, when the members from the main family said that he didn’t have the talent of being a Martial Artist and that Mu Tianyan would surpass all the geniuses of the Ancient Martial Arts Mu family in the past, he started hating Mu Tianyan out of jealousy in his mind.

So, when he found out that Mu Tianyan had become disabled and was driven out of the Ancient Martial Arts Mu family, he was so thrilled that he almost went mad.

During the three years after Mu Tianyan was crippled and banished, he had been thinking all the time about how he should appear in front of Mu Tianyan and step on him.

Unfortunately, after suffering losses at Mu Tianyan’s hands several times in a row, his father forbade him to find trouble with Mu Tianyan.

And yet, as his father forbade him to deal with Mu Tianyan, he hated Mu Tianyan more in his mind.
So, he had never given up looking for a chance to deal with Mu Tianyan.

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Mu Liren’s good mood was instantly ruined by Mu Jinfeng’s words completely.
He suddenly turned around and immediately scolded Mu Jinfeng severely.

“How many times have I told you that you must think before you do anything? Don’t be impulsive.
You’ve ignored everything I said, haven’t you?”

Being scolded by his father, Mu Jinfeng, who was used to being glorious outside, immediately looked embarrassed.
“Father, I haven’t.
I just… just…”

He just couldn’t accept that Mu Tianyan could still live so gloriously even though he was already a disabled man.

Of course, he didn’t dare to say the rest.

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Seeing that his son still hadn’t said anything after a long time, Mu Liren immediately got even more furious.

“Hm! Don’t think that I have no idea what you’re thinking in your mind.
You’re just unwilling to accept the truth.

“But what can you do even if you’re reluctant to accept it? Don’t forget that even if Mu Tianyan became a disabled person and was kicked out of the Mu family, he still had the Great Elder of the Mu family behind him!

“Even the head of the main family has to show respect to the Great Elder.
If you’re not afraid of pissing the Great Elder off and you’re not afraid of dying, go deal with Mu Tianyan and you better deal with him at once!”

Mu Liren pointed at the door furiously, telling Mu Jinfeng to get out and deal with Mu Tianyan quickly.

However, Mu Jinfeng, who was originally resentful and unwilling to give up, shut his mouth at this moment and lowered his head, not daring to say a word.
Apparently, he had chickened out..

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