o her in this state.

Seeing Mu Tianyan leaving, Mu Ruishu followed up.

Lu Zijia complained at the sight of his move.

“You are a follower, are you?”

“Madame, you must be very tired, let me show you to your room.”

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Although Mu Tianyan allowed her to sleep in the master room before, Uncle He would not dare to bring her there.
So, she was brought to the guest room.

“Alright, thanks.”

Lu Zijia did not mind how Uncle He addressed her.
She knew that even if she had an opinion against that, there was still nothing she could do about it.

On the way to the guest room, Uncle He told Lu Zijia something about the Mu Family.

For example, there were only two bloodlines of the Mu Family, namely Elder Uncle…

And Mu Tianyan’s father.

However, Mu Tianyan’s parents passed away when he was little, and Mu Tianyan’s brother as well as sister-in-law passed away three years ago all of a sudden, leaving Mu Tianyan as the only son.

And when Mu Tianyan was little, he was dispatched to foreign countries for further education.
He did not return until three years ago.

Before he returned home, he was disabled.

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But despite his disability, no one dared to look down on him.

That was because this disabled man spent less than half a year stealing the Mu Group from his Elder Uncle and making the Mu Group even more valuable.

The Mu Group of the present day had already become an enormous and solid business empire.

Also, before Mu Tianyan arrived home, Mu Ruishu was mistreated by his Elder Uncle’s family for nearly one month.

Luckily, Mu Tianyan arrived home just in time; otherwise, Mu Ruishu would have lost his life one day later.


Mu Ruishu was afraid of people after being mistreated.
He would scream or even pass out if someone got close to him.

Mu Ruishu got slightly better after Mu Tianyan’s patient company for more than one year.

In the meanwhile, Mu Ruishu clung to Mu Tianyan dearly and regarded this second uncle of his as the only help.

That was why Mu Ruishu was very afraid of losing this second uncle of his, who was his only trusted family member.

That was why Mu Ruishu showed a great hostile attitude towards Lu Zijia.

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