>“If you trust me, I suggest you find someone else to work with.
Of course, if Mr.
Fei doesn’t trust me, just treat it as my nonsense.”

The project Fei Dingshan and Fang Chengtao were working on had just begun.
If it was terminated early, they would only suffer a small loss at most.
If they continued, they would lose more than just a small part.

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Of course, Fei Dingshan wouldn’t suffer so much that he would go bankrupt.

Before Fei Dingshan could react, Lu Zijia closed the door and walked towards the black sports car.

Fei Dingshan didn’t ask her, but it was already a bit against the rules that she took the initiative to remind Fei Dingshan, so she certainly couldn’t say anything more.

Otherwise, the Heavenly Dao would probably write a note in its notebook.
If the Heavenly Dao was onto her, she would be in trouble when she went through the tribulation…

Lu Zijia walked to the passenger seat of the black sports car and directly opened the door to get in.

Her direct actions made Ye Nambo, who was sitting in the driver’s seat with a deep frown, slightly surprised.
Then, something seemed to come to his mind and a trace of relief flashed through his eyes.

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Sure enough, no matter how much a person changed, it was impossible for them to let go of things just like that, especially when it came to relationships.

The reason why Zijia was so cold to him before should be because she was angry with him?

Thinking of this, Ye Nambo became confident again in his mind and showed a smile that he thought was gentle and affectionate to Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia didn’t even look at him after getting in the car.
After noticing his gaze, she said coldly, “If you’re not afraid of being caught by the reporters, you can keep staying here.”

Ye Nambo’s expression froze slightly after hearing that, but he soon put on the gentle, elegant, gentlemanly face again.
“Jiajia, where do you want to go? I’ll stay with you today, okay?”

He asked as he started the car and drove towards where he wanted to go..

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