Chapter 318: The Situation at the Lu Family (1)

Lu Wanyuan’s stomach was already full of anger.
After hearing Xia Fangqing’s question, her eyes immediately turned red and she looked like she had suffered great humiliation, making people feel very sorry for her.

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Seeing her like this, Xia Fangqing was even more worried.

“Wanyuan, my baby girl, don’t cry, don’t cry.
Come, tell me, did someone do you wrong? What’s with the injury on your foot?”

Xia Fangqing said as something suddenly came to his mind and a touch of viciousness flashed through his eyes quickly.
“Did you go to find Zijia? Did Zijia…”

Xia Fangqing didn’t continue talking, but it was easy for her to think that Lu Wanyuan was injured by Lu Zijia.

As expected, Old Master Lu, who didn’t look good to begin with, immediately looked a bit more sullen.

And Lu Bochuan, who had bruises on his face, even wanted to bang on the table reflexively.

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However, as soon as he moved, the injuries on his body were affected and he immediately grimaced with pain, looking very messy.

After losing the fight with Du Xiangjun, he had never stepped out of the door of the Lu family ever again.
He even hid when guests came.

If he couldn’t avoid them, he could only sit there like a monkey.
Every time that happened, he would feel extremely embarrassed and furious in his mind.
He couldn’t wait to strangle Du Xiangjun and her son to death!

In his perspective, if Du Xiangjun hadn’t been so aggressive towards him, he wouldn’t have embarrassed himself like that and he wouldn’t have become the laughing stock of the entire capital right now!

Anyway, it was someone else’s fault in his mind no matter what.
He had never felt that he was wrong.

“What did that evil girl say? Is she yearning to return to the Lu family? Hm! When that evil girl comes back, I’ll teach her a lesson!”

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Lu Bochuan was injured, so he didn’t dare to move, but he didn’t show mercy in what he said at all.

He was even certain that Lu Zijia and her mother were greedy for the money of the Lu family.
If he allowed them to return to the Lu family, they would definitely come back obediently like a pug.

In fact, Lu Bochuan wasn’t the only one who thought so.
Even Old Master Lu and Xia Fangqing thought so as well.

And yet, the truth was completely different from what they thought!

Hearing Lu Bochuan’s confident words, Lu Wanyuan’s expression immediately became a bit weird.

“No, Sister rejected it and…”

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Lu Wanyuan looked up and took a careful look at Lu Bochuan and Old Master Lu’s expressions.
She paused for a second and continued, “And she said… she said she wouldn’t let us live an easy life.”

Of course, Lu Zijia didn’t say it so directly, but what she meant was actually similar.

Lu Wanyuan only translated her words a bit more directly and made people even more furious after hearing them.

So, Old Master Lu and Lu Bochuan’s first reaction was being enraged, as expected.

“Evil girl, she’s an evil girl.
If I had known that this evil girl was such an ungrateful person, I would have strangled her to death when she was just born!”

Lu Bochuan was so enraged that his eyes were burning and he subconsciously moved his body.
He immediately gasped several times in pain and his entire face became distorted and ferocious.

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Compared to Lu Bochuan who showed his anger, Old Master Lu repressed his anger at the bottom of his heart and stared at Lu Wanyuan with his sharp old eyes.
“Did she really say that?”

Apparently, he didn’t trust Lu Wanyuan.

Lu Wanyuan’s face froze and she subconsciously clenched her fists.
Being stared at by Old Master Lu like this made her feel humiliated like she was being stripped and interrogated.

And yet, she couldn’t resist.
She could only endure the humiliation and nod.
“Yes, Grandpa, that’s what Sister said.
If you don’t believe me, you can ask someone else to ask her.”

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