ed the door of the backseat, asking Mu Tianyan to sit in the wheelchair.

Even though Mu Tianyan couldn’t move his legs, he was a Martial Artist after all.
He could still sit in the wheelchair by himself.

However, Lu Zijia helped Mu Tianyan to the wheelchair passionately, behaving abnormally.

When he was seated, she even asked him gently if he felt comfortable and if he needed to adjust his posture with good “service.” She was totally too caring!

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Mu Tianyan looked up and glanced at her with a smile, as if he had already seen through her mind.

Lu Zijia had no intention of hiding anything.
Seeing him look over, she looked into his eyes with a smile.

She looked truly flattering…

“If it’s possible, will you fall for Song Zixuan?”

Mu Tianyan looked away and asked another irrelevant question while gazing ahead.

He pretended to be calm on the outside, but what he didn’t know was that his slightly red ears had already betrayed him.

Unfortunately, Lu Zijia, who was pushing Mu Tianyan’s wheelchair, once again missed the fact that Mu Tianyan was embarrassed.

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Lu Zijia only felt that these questions were strange, but she needed his help next, so she answered his question very patiently, “Fall for that unlucky man? Forget it!

“Even though he has a good character, it’s okay to be friends or brothers with him, but probably not as partners.”

It wasn’t that Song Zixuan didn’t treat his girlfriend well or that Song Zixuan wasn’t loyal enough.
She just didn’t think he was suitable for her.


“I’m a Taoist Master, but he’s afraid of ghosts.
It’s impossible for us to get along.
Besides, he’s not my cup of tea.”

Thinking of Song Zixuan’s silly and cowardly look from time to time, she couldn’t help feeling disgusted.

Hearing Lu Zijia’s reply, the corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth raised slightly and he temporarily took Song Zixuan, whom he put in the blacklist, out of it.

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