As he was crying loudly, it was shown that he had just lost his front tooth.

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That shining front tooth was held in his mouth.


As Mu Ruishu was crying loudly, Lu Zijia could not help but burst into laughter.

But when she met Mu Tianyan’s profound eyes, Lu Zijia apologized, “Sorry, I could not help it.”


Despite the apologetic words, she still could not stop laughing.

Mu Tianyan, “….”

Why did he also have the urge to laugh at the sight of her laughter?

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“Oh!!! You evil woman, you are still laughing.
It is your fault!”

“Dad, dad can you drive away this annoying woman? She is a bad person.
Make her go!”

Seeing the culprit, Lu Zijia, still laughing at him, Mu Ruishu got furious again.
She turned to Mu Tianyan.

“Hey, little fellow, you are saying those things because you are angry.
You should not behave like this, understand?”

“You bit me and lost your front tooth, and your father saw that too.
How can you blame this on me?”

Lu Zijia shrugged, saying that she was totally innocent.

Then she said with a consoling tone, ” Don’t worry, little fellow.
Even if you lose one front tooth, you are still very adorable and I still like you.”

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“But when you talk, don’t talk with too much strength.
Your friends might laugh at you when they see you, but don’t worry as it will just last for a few days.”


Lu Zijia’s speech was not consolidating this young master.
She was laughing at him!


Sure enough, Mu Ruishu started to cry again.
That loud voice almost pierced through the roof.

Seeing the young master’s loud cries, Lu Zijia suddenly wondered if she had been over the top?

Well, that self-reflection lasted for only one minute.

The butler, who heard the crying sound, came running from the backyard.
Seeing Mu Ruishu’s tearful eyes, he squatted and started to comfort him.

“Young master, what is wrong? Why are you crying? Feeling unwell?”

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Mu Tianyan was so busy with the enormous Mu Group, so he barely had time to take care of Mu Ruishu.
Most of the time, it was the middle-aged butler who took care of him.

Uncle He treated Mu Ruishu as if he were his real grandson.
He was concerned at the sight of the tearful boy.

“Don’t worry, young master, tell me why you are feeling unwell.
I can give you a check up.”

Uncle He had some knowledge of Chinese medicine, so he knew pretty well how Mu Ruishu was physically.
He just did not want anything to happen to him.

“Grandpa He, my tooth has fallen out!”

Mu Ruishu felt so wronged when he saw the butler.
He kept on crying again.

Uncle He, who was about to feel his pulse through his chubby hand, got startled and then caressed his little head as consolation.

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“Don’t worry young master, you are at the age where your teeth are falling out and getting new ones.”

“Didn’t you tell me that your friend Yang lost his teeth yesterday?”

“So it is totally normal, don’t worry.”

Uncle He comforted him patiently and then said, “Young master, where is your fallen tooth? Give it to me.”

“I will throw it on the roof so your new tooth will grow out soon.”


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