Chapter 294: Mu Tianyan Who Was So Indifferent That He Gave People a Chill

Mu Tianyan didn’t lose his momentum.
He said coldly, “It doesn’t mean that’s the truth.”

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“Mu Zhengyuan is a member of the Mu family?”

Seeing that the atmosphere between the two of them wasn’t right, Lu Zijia asked.

The original host didn’t know the members of the Mu family quite well.
She had only heard about a lot of them.

As for the name Mu Zhengyuan, she didn’t even find it in the original host’s memories.

This question made Song Zixuan look at her instantly like he was looking at that fool.

Mu Tianyan said helplessly, “He’s my father.”


Lu Zijia touched her nose in embarrassment and her big, bright eyes blinked, looking extremely innocent.

Mu Tianyan’s father had passed away many years ago and Mu Tianyan had never mentioned it to her.

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It wasn’t strange that she didn’t know, right…?

Song Zixuan was speechless.
He couldn’t bear to look at her and turned his face away.
He didn’t even bother to complain about Lu Zijia’s endless craziness.

As Mu Tianyan’s wife, she didn’t even know the name of Mu Tianyan’s father.
She was truly… the only person like this.

He only admired Lu Zijia right now.

“It’s alright.
I’ll let you understand me more in the future.”

Noticing her embarrassment, Mu Tianyan looked at her with a soft gaze and spoke as gently as one could imagine.

“Um, okay!”

Lu Zijia originally wanted to reject him, but when she thought that they were a titular married couple right now and that she should give him some dignity in front of outsiders, she nodded.

Song Zixuan, who felt like he was being tortured by their PDA: “…”

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“Ahem, is there a misunderstanding? Or, did Master Li not tell the truth?”

To avoid the embarrassment, Lu Zijia changed the subject.

“Our family also hopes that it’s a misunderstanding.”

Song Zixuan said seriously, “I heard from my parents that they were very close to Uncle Mu and Auntie Mu when they were alive, so they didn’t believe that Uncle Mu was the mastermind.

“I’m here today not only to tell you about this, but also to ask if you have a way to make Master Li tell the truth?”

If he could get another answer from Master Li, that would certainly be the best.

Because the Song family really had no confidence in going against the living King of Hell, Mu Tianyan.

“That’s the Song family’s business.
What has it got to do with the Mu family?”

Without waiting for Lu Zijia to reply, Mu Tianyan spoke ruthlessly first and looked at Song Zixuan with extremely cold eyes.

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Lu Zijia didn’t find anything wrong with what Mu Tianyan said.
Instead, she thought that this was the real Mu Tianyan.

Song Zixuan looked anxious.
“Aren’t you worried that someone framed Uncle Mu deliberately and made our families enemies?”

“So what?”

Mu Tianyan was indeed Mu Tianyan.
He was still so indifferent and ruthless that he gave people a chill in their minds.


Song Zixuan had imagined multiple reactions from Mu Tianyan before coming, but he had never thought that Mu Tianyan would be so cold and indifferent!

However, on second thought, it made sense.
With Mu Tianyan’s current status and means, why would he be afraid of the Song family?

On the other hand, the Song family had to think twice before taking revenge on Mu Tianyan.

Because if they took one wrong step, the Song family would really cease to exist.

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Besides, apart from Mu Tianyan, there was also Lu Zijia.
Neither of them was easy to deal with.
When they worked together, the Song family would have no chance of winning.

“Uncle He, see him out.”

Mu Tianyan didn’t give Song Zixuan a chance to continue persuading him and directly asked Uncle He to see him out.

“Okay, Second Master.”

Uncle He walked over respectfully and made a “please” gesture to Song Zixuan.
“Master Song, please.”

Song Zixuan’s face flushed as he stared at Mu Tianyan firmly.
Unfortunately, Mu Tianyan wasn’t affected at all.

“Master Song, please don’t make it difficult for me.” Seeing that Song Zixuan didn’t get up to leave after a long time, Uncle He spoke again.

Song Zixuan didn’t give up and wanted to persuade Mu Tianyan again, but he suddenly glanced at Lu Zijia and his eyes immediately brightened.

If he couldn’t convince Mu Tianyan, he could at least persuade Lu Zijia, this miser who wanted money desperately!

Thinking of this, a confident smile immediately appeared on Song Zixuan’s face.
He was simply too complacent!

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