st the arm.
Obviously, he was determined to drive her away.

But soon, Lu Zijia noticed that the young master’s face had changed after the three seconds of snorting.

Instantly later, the young master released his teeth then covered his mouth with one hand, looking terribly frightened.

Lu Zijia blinked as if being innocent.
“Little fellow, did you just break your teeth?”

Lu Zijia looked very innocent and harmless, but both Mu Tianyan and Mu Ruishu could tell that she was sneering inwardly…

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Without Lu Zijia’s reminder, everything would seem fine.
But the moment she reminded him of what happened, Mu Ruishu started to cry.

“Oh no… dad, my teeth are all gone, no, dad, my teeth!”


With hands over his mouth, Mu Ruishu cried and rushed towards Mu Tianyan, seeking consolation.

Seeing the tearful young master crouching at Mu Tianyan’s legs, Lu Zijia showed an even more innocent look on her face.

Didn’t this young master behave as if he were an adult? But now he was teased!

Hearing the loud sound of crying, Mu Tianyan frowned, but the tearful boy did stop himself from being pushed away.

After a long while of crying, Mu Tianyan patted his head and said with a softened tone.

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“Alright, look at me now.”

Hearing Mu Tianyan’s words, Mu Ruishu shook his head, refusing to look up at him.

“Look up now.”

Mu Tianyan’s voice turned cold.
Mu Ruishu struggled and finally looked up obediently.

But his hands were still over his mouth.

Mu Tianyan stretched out and pulled the chubby hand away from his mouth, lifted his chin, and asked him to open the mouth.


The moment he opened his mouth, Mu Ruishu could not help but cry again sadly.


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