His hope was mercilessly dashed by Lu Zijia.
Although Qiu Ansheng was disappointed, he wasn’t too stubborn.

As he had lived in the bottom class since he was young, he knew very well that he had to pay a corresponding price for anything he got.

Jin Junyi, who realized that he said something wrong, didn’t speak again this time, but looked straight at Lu Zijia, waiting for her answer.

Facing those two glaring eyes, Lu Zijia rolled her eyes indecently in her mind.

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Her job was supposed to be over after the two cops figured out what happened, so she could send Qiu Ansheng to reincarnate.

But now, because of what Jin Junyi said, she got another job to do.
She suddenly wanted to beat someone up!

Seeing that Lu Zijia wasn’t giving in, Qiu Ansheng knelt down in front of Lu Zijia again and even put his hands together to bow to her.

“Please, master, I’m really worried about my mother.
I really want to see her one last time.
Please, master.”

In the past three days, it wasn’t that Qiu Ansheng hadn’t thought about going to the hospital to see his mother.

However, his soul seemed to be bound by something, so he couldn’t leave the place where he died at all.
That was why he was begging Lu Zijia right now.

Looking at Qiu Ansheng, who was kowtowing to her, Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling speechless.

Ever since she was reborn into this world, she had been bowed to here and there.
She was really going to be worshiped as a living immortal!

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Feeling helpless, Lu Zijia still agreed to take Qiu Ansheng to see his mother one last time.

The two police officers were very efficient.
They finished the investigation in less than twenty minutes and even brought someone back.

However, before the two police officers returned to the Qian family, Grandma Qian came to her house first.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you still at my house? Do you want to steal something? Let me tell you, if you dare to steal from my house, I’ll break your legs!”

Grandma Qian, who was helped into the house by the psychologist and was about to get water for her precious grandson herself, saw that Lu Zijia and Jin Junyi were still in the house and she immediately started scolding them with an unfriendly look.

Even though Lu Zijia calmed her precious grandson as soon as she came, she still hated Lu Zijia ub her mind for not helping her precious grandson up when he fell just then!

Therefore, her attitude towards Lu Zijia certainly wouldn’t be good.

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