Chapter 276: The Tough and Unreasonable Grandma Qian (2)

“Grandma Qian, your grandson is fine.
Stop beating people! Aren’t you worried about your grandson the most? Go check on him!”

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The psychologist on the side also couldn’t stand it anymore.
He quickly went forward to pull Grandma Qian away and asked the young police officer to leave first.

The young police officer was already full of anger in his mind.
Seeing someone take over Grandma Qian, he simply walked out of the house.

“Xiao Jie, Xiao Jie, my grandson!”

Hearing about her grandson, Grandma Qian immediately stopped chasing and beating after the young police officer.

Seeing the middle-aged police officer leave with her grandson, she immediately smacked the psychologist’s body and said furiously, “Quick, quick, quick, help me follow them!”

The psychologist was smacked on the chest and he almost suffocated.
This old lady was too strong.

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He remembered that there were a few cuts on this old lady’s arm.
If she wasn’t injured, wouldn’t she be stronger?

“Ah! It’s so painful.
Young man, do you not know how to carry me, this old lady? What an inconsiderable dumbass!

“No wonder you didn’t manage to comfort my precious grandson after making a fuss at our house the whole morning.
You people are really good-looking but useless.
You’re wasting the country’s resources!”

At this moment, the psychologist deeply experienced the pain that the young police officer suffered just then.

In the end, the psychologist still used his thin and tall body to carry Grandma Qian, who weighed more than 170 pounds, out painfully.

“I suggest you not to act rashly.”

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When Grandma Qian was about to be carried out of the house, Lu Zijia suddenly warned her.

The young spirit, who was about to rush at Grandma Qian, immediately stopped moving after hearing Lu Zijia’s warning.

However, his semi-transparent face was full of hatred and was severely distorted.

“Tell me, why do you want to kill someone?”

Lu Zijia sized up the decorations in the Qian family’s house as she asked the young spirit.

The young spirit clenched his fists tightly with bloodshot, crimson eyes.
The hatred in his eyes was terrifying.

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The young spirit didn’t seem to expect Lu Zijia to ask this question.
He looked up at her in shock.

Not hearing a reply, Lu Zijia glanced over calmly.
“Why? Do you want to reincarnate directly?”

“No, no, no, I don’t want to reincarnate.
I don’t want to reincarnate right now.
I… I…”

Hearing the word “reincarnate,” the young spirit immediately floated backwards in fear, as if he was trying to escape.

“If you want revenge, I can help you.” Lu Zijia nodded, showing that she already knew what he was thinking.

The young spirit, who was about to run away, was immediately surprised and delighted after hearing what Lu Zijia said.

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“Are… Are you serious? Are you really willing to take revenge for me?” The expression of the young spirit didn’t seem to be crying nor smiling, making him look especially ferocious.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

The young spirit was so excited that he knelt down and kowtowed to Lu Zijia, looking very grateful.

Lu Zijia took a step to the side and dodged.
“When I said I could help you take revenge, I meant that I would get the person who indirectly killed you to be punished by the law in the end.”

Hearing that, the young spirit nodded constantly and his gratitude towards Lu Zijia didn’t decrease at all.
“I didn’t want to kill her at first, but I didn’t know how to make her be punished by the law.
That’s why I tried to kill her.”

Then, something seemed to come to the young spirit’s mind and his face was full of sorrow and regret.
“I don’t want anyone else to be like me, getting no return for their kindness…”

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