What sin did I commit in my previous life?

“God! Please show mercy on me.
Show mercy on me, this old lady, who has one foot in the casket.
Give me back my good grandson!

“God! I’m begging you…”

On one hand, the little boy wanted to kill the old lady cruelly.
On the other hand, the old lady was so sad that she was crying out loud, making people’s hearts ache.

“Grandma Zhao, you should go out first.
We’ll try our best to persuade your grandson.” A young police officer holding the old lady said softly and patiently.

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In fact, he had already said this many times.

However, Grandma Zhao refused to go.

After hearing what the young police officer said, Grandma Zhao immediately shouted even louder, “I’m not going out, I’m not going out.
This is my grandson, my precious grandson!

“What sin did I commit in my previous life? My grandson, my precious grandson, come back! Come back to me, I’ll buy you candy!”

The middle-aged policeman, who seemed to be in his forties, shook his head with a silent sigh when he saw this.

“Who are you?”

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When the middle-aged police officer shook his head, he saw Lu Zijia and Jin Junyi walking in from the corner of his eye.
He immediately stepped forward and asked.

Lu Zijia and Jin Junyi introduced themselves and showed their identification documents hanging in front of their chests at the same time.

Knowing that Lu Zijia and Jin Junyi were sent by the management personnel to help deal with the matter, both of the police officers and the middle-aged psychologist, whose forehead was covered with sweat, were secretly relieved in their minds.

The grandma and the grandson were truly too difficult to persuade.
One refused to put down the knife in his hand and the other refused to go out.

If they used a forceful method, they were afraid that something would happen to the grandmother and grandson, so the few cops who came to deal with this matter and the psychologist were stuck in a dilemma.

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