Chapter 270: The Director Who Was So Furious That He Almost Exploded on the Spot

Lu Zijia was in a pretty good mood, so she didn’t care about his attitude.
She picked up the folder and directly got up to leave as she said happily, “Thank you, Director.

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Luo Baode: “…” He actually wanted to say something to Lu Zijia, who took 1.8 million from him, “Get out of here! Who’s willing to see you again?”

But for his dignity as the Director, he repressed his emotions.

At this moment, Luo Baode suddenly felt that it was so frustrating to be the Director!


The moment Lu Zijia opened the office door, Luo Baode suddenly stopped her again.

However, as he stopped her this time, he also shot an Exorcizing Talisman in his hand at Lu Zijia quickly.

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curled up.
She directly turned around and let that talisman land on her body.

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After the Exorcizing Talisman was shot onto Lu Zijia’s body, it didn’t work at all and immediately fell down because of gravity.

Seeing this, Luo Baode’s suspicion that Lu Zijia was possessed by a ghost was finally gone.

However, he almost spurted out blood the next second.

The Exorcizing Talisman that was about to fall on the ground suddenly started burning on its own.
When it landed, it had already turned into black ashes!

“Um, sorry.
I thought something ambushed me, so I reflexively attacked.”

Looking at the completely burnt ashes, Lu Zijia said to Luo Baode sincerely and apologetically.

“But Director, just call me if you need anything next time.
You don’t have to throw anything.

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“Besides, this talisman costs 100,000 yuan each.
Director, even if you don’t lack money, you shouldn’t waste it like this.”

Lu Zijia said as she sighed and shook her head.
She was clearly rebuking Luo Baode for being prodigal with money, wasn’t she?

“You… You… You…!”

Seeing 100,000 yuan disappear just like that, Luo Baode felt like he was about to explode on the spot!

Lu Zijia clearly knew that he was testing her, but she took 100,000 yuan from him right away.
100,000 yuan! That was 100,000 yuan!

He could see that she did it on purpose!

If he really thought that something was ambushing her, why would she only attack after the talisman landed on her? She was obviously destroying his talisman on purpose!

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There was a saying that despicable people and women were difficult to deal with.
Indeed, the ancient people didn’t lie!

“Director, what’s wrong?” Lu Zijia blinked, looking so innocent and harmless.

Luo Baode covered his chest with one hand and pointed in the direction of the office door with the other hand that was trembling.
“You… Go away.
Go far away from me!”

If he looked at Lu Zijia’s harmless face a few more times, he would really suffer a stroke!

He was already so old.
Would it be easy for him?

Seeing that he was already so miserable, Lu Zijia stopped provoking him “kindly.”

After all, he was her superior, wasn’t he?

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After Lu Zijia left the Director’s office, she flipped through the folder in her hand as she walked.

“Fellow Lu.”

Lu Zijia walked to a corner and happened to meet Jin Junyi, whom Luo Baode mentioned just then.

Lu Zijia stopped walking and closed the folder in her hand.
She smiled at him calmly.
“What a coincidence.
Fellow Jin, are you here for the reward?”

The sorcerers of the Special Administration Office didn’t usually come to the office, except for having meetings and getting rewards after completing missions.

And missions could be received directly on the application of the Special Administration Office.
It could be said that the sorcerers in the office were very free.

Of course, it was a special situation for someone like her to be called back for a mission.

Jin Junyi shook his head.
“No, I’m waiting for you here.”

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