Lu Zijia, who had never been humble before, suddenly became humble at this moment, showing that she was up to something.

Hearing the profound meaning in her words, Mu Tianyan raised his eyebrows slightly and glanced at her.
“100 million.”

“Second Master, you’re the most powerful man in the capital.
Isn’t 100 million too low?” Lu Zijia blinked, looking sincere!

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“So, how much do you think is suitable?” Mu Tianyan didn’t get angry.
There was even a trace of teasing flashing through his eyes.

Lu Zijia certainly wouldn’t stand on ceremony if she could make an offer herself.
So, she made a 1 with her hand without hesitation.
“One billion.
One billion suits Second Master’s honorable identity the most.

“Besides, this number is also very good.
Everything is perfect and auspicious! Right?”

Lu Zijia said as she showed her white teeth.
She smiled totally like a little fox!

After that, Lu Zijia seemed to have thought of something again.
“The figure of one billion is too auspicious.
It’s not easy for me to offer a discount.
So, I’m not planning on giving you one.

“But don’t worry, I can give you other offers.”

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Mu Yunhao, who was driving in the driver’s seat: “…” Madame, you’ve given me a new understanding of your bullsh*tting skills again…

“Such as?” Mu Tianyan didn’t agree or reject immediately, but asked.

“For example, I can help you cure your little boy.
For example, I can help speed up your cultivation.

“How about that? These two offers are pretty good, right?”

Lu Zijia imitated his look and raised her eyebrows.
“Oh right, I forgot to remind you that although the little boy is poisoned by the Yangyan Worm like you, the way I help you eliminate the poison doesn’t suit him.

“Of course, if you don’t believe me, you can give it a try.
However, it’s a different story if the little boy is still alive after that.”

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