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Lu Zijia shrugged and acted very harmless.
“I don’t know anything.
I just came here to do business.”

The head police officer looked at her with obvious disbelief.
He didn’t miss what Lu Zijia said just then, asking Guo Xinru to confess.

Apparently, Lu Zijia more or less knew something about the truth of the case, or she wouldn’t have said that.

“I’m her cousin.”

Luo Ziyun spoke up at the right time to help, “When my cousin came to stay at my house, I noticed that there was something wrong with her.

“I just… I just didn’t expect that such a thing would happen.
My cousin is such a good girl.
How would something like this happen to her?”

Luo Ziyun said as her eyes couldn’t help turning red and her body trembled slightly.
She didn’t know if she was too angry or too sad.

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Even though Guo Xinru didn’t kill Zhuo Changdong on purpose, she also killed someone by mistake, so she still had to bear legal responsibility in the end.

In the car.

Looking at the one million yuan check in her hand and the emerald that the couple of the Tang family promised to give her as remuneration back then, Lu Zijia smiled with her eyes curved and she felt very happy in her mind.

The extra one million was the reward Luo Ziyun gave her to thank her for saving Tang Mufeng’s life.

“Very happy?”

Mu Tianyan, who was sitting next to her, turned his head slightly and looked at her.

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Lu Zijia put away the check and didn’t hide her miser nature at all.
“Of course I’m happy to get the money.”

Mu Tianyan’s eyes glittered slightly.
“I have an offer.
Do you want to take it? Ten million.”

Hearing the words “ten million,” Lu Zijia’s eyes immediately brightened.
“Yes, of course!”

She was working hard right now and was trying her best to be a good master.
Without business, how could she save the few little fellows who were still sealed in the Ancient Space?

Of course, the thing that gave her the biggest headache was still the golden pagoda, which kept complaining whenever it disagreed!

If possible, she actually wanted the golden pagoda that complained a lot to be sealed…

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