Chapter 251: The Truth (1)

After hearing what Lu Zijia said, Zhuo Changdong showed a creepy smile.
In an instant, his head was covered in blood like how he looked after he died, which was very scary.

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Let alone Guo Xinru, who was already guilty in her mind, even other ordinary people couldn’t help feeling afraid when they saw him.

“Bitch, you pushed me downstairs.
A life for a life.
I’ll make you come to hell with me right now!”

Zhuo Changdong yelled with resentment and reached out his hands towards Guo Xinru, as if he really wanted her life.

“No, no, don’t kill me.
Don’t kill me.
I didn’t do it on purpose.
I really didn’t mean to kill you.”

Guo Xinru’s face turned pale and she kept hiding behind Luo Ziyun in fear.
Her voice was full of fear and regret.

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“Cousin, you…”

Luo Ziyun widened her eyes slightly and was about to say something, but she was interrupted by what Guo Xinru said next.

Guo Xinru was already extremely tense at this moment and she was completely surrounded by fear.
She only wanted Zhuo Changdong to let her go, so she was easily tricked by Zhuo Changdong to tell the truth.

“You… You went too far.
That’s why I pushed you in anger.
I didn’t know you would fall down.
I never wanted you to die.

“Why? Why did you treat me like that after all these years?

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“If you didn’t cheat on me and bring that woman home to humiliate me, I wouldn’t be so angry.
We wouldn’t have quarreled, let alone what happened afterwards.

“You can’t blame me for your death at all.
Right, you can’t blame me.
You shouldn’t blame me.
It’s you.
You brought this upon yourself and killed yourself!”

Perhaps she was extremely scared, she mustered the last bit of courage and said what she had been holding in her mind.

“Zhuo Changdong, you’re a complete scumbag.
How did I, Guo Xinru, fall for a jerk like you?

“We had been together for so many years and you had been living off me.
How could you be shameless enough to seduce other women?

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“Also, who do you think you are? If you didn’t f*cking want to be with me anymore, you could just break up with me directly.
Why the f*ck did you have to bring a bitch back to humiliate me?

“Zhuo Changdong, you’re not a f*cking man! Scumbags like you deserve to die!

“I pushed you, and you slipped and fell down the stairs.
Karma, this is karma.
Even God couldn’t stand it and wanted a scumbag like you to die! Hahaha!”

Guo Xinru seemed to have gone crazy as she burst into laughter while her beautiful face twisted slightly, as if she was going all out.

However, she passed out soon after laughing.

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“Guo Xinru, you bitch, I’m going to kill you!”

Zhuo Changdong flew into a rage out of humiliation and pounced on Guo Xinru abruptly.
However, his body directly went through Guo Xinru and didn’t hurt her at all.

Seeing Zhuo Changdong beating Guo Xinru up crazily, Lu Zijia rolled her eyes speechlessly.

He knew that he couldn’t beat her, but he still wanted to find trouble with her.
It was totally a waste of energy.

Lu Zijia, who found Zhuo Changdong an eyesore, moved her fingers slightly and cast a spell, restraining Zhuo Changdong on the side and also making him shut up.


The police officer who recognized Guo Xinru before was shocked when he heard what Guo Xinru said when she was in a daze.
He immediately looked at the head police officer.

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