erself refused to listen.

Du Xiangjun took out the key and pushed the door open.
The decorations inside were exactly the same as those years back, clean and neat.
It seemed that someone had been here cleaning it up.

Du Xiangjun could not help but feel like crying – she knew who had made sure that the villa was clean.


Lu Zijia pretended as if she had not seen the half-cry and half-laugh look on her mother.
Instead, she walked into the kitchen and gave her mother some room of her own.

Lu Zijia took a tour in the kitchen out of curiosity.
She decided to make dinner when she saw the ingredients inside the fridge.

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It was around 7 at night.
She might pass out because of hunger if she was not fed – it was not the time for her to become a breatharian yet!


Also, it seemed that her mother was not good at cooking at all.

More than half an hour later, Lu Zijia made two dishes and a bowl of soup based on the original host’s memories, yet soon she realized that she forgot to cook the rice!

When Lu Zijia was waiting for the dishes to be served, she heard her mother’s voice arising from behind.

“Jia, someone is out there looking for you.
He said it is your friend.”

Du Xiangjun looked confused.
She wanted to ask her what was going on, yet she did not want to hurt her by putting stress on her.

Lu Zijia frowned when she heard her.
She did not think that the person outside the door would be her real friend.

After all, the original host had no friends, let alone anyone who would come to her door!

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What was more… they had just come to this villa and someone was already here waiting for them?

Something was wrong…

Despite the idea that lingered inside her head, Lu Zijia showed an easy smile to her mother, affirming that everything was fine.

“Mom, I made two dishes.
You must be hungry too, so eat something first.”

Why just something, not a full meal?

Because the rice was not ready!

Lu Zijia calmly walked to the yard of the villa and saw a young, serious-looking man standing by a black car through the iron gate.

In one moment, the information of this man in black emerged inside Lu Zijia’s head.

This man was called Mu Yunhao, the Vice-President of the Mu Group.
He was 25 years old, and he had been on the cover pages of many magazines.
He was hailed as the spokesman of Mu Tianyan.

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