emed to have sensed something.
His black eyes that didn’t have any white color at all looked in the direction of the huge pit with viciousness.

“Damn it! Damn you, bitch, go to hell! I’m going to eat you!”

Jiang Jinfu shouted crazily.
In an instant, the wailing sounds around became even louder.

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The reason why Jiang Jinfu had his current strength was totally because he tortured people to death and then swallowed other spirits to increase his strength.

If he was given time to strengthen himself, he would definitely become an evil spirit that gave a lot of Taoist Masters a headache in the future.

And yet, he only had a week or so to strengthen himself, which made it impossible for him to completely merge with other spirits.

Therefore, his real strength wasn’t as impressive as he showed on the outside.

After confirming that the girl in the huge pit was saved, Lu Zijia no longer had any worries.
She immediately changed from retreating to attacking.

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Lu Zijia had only attacked him twice, but Jiang Jinfu had already started to panic.

Because at this moment, he finally realized the huge difference in strength between the two of them.
He was totally not a match for this seemingly little girl in front of him!

As the resentment in his body became less and less, the solid body that Jiang Jinfu formed with the resentment gradually started to turn transparent.

Once the resentment in his body was completely removed, he would turn back into the most ordinary ghost and he would be sucked into Hell by the attraction of Hell soon.

After that, what awaited him was the eighteen levels of hell punishment and reincarnation Lu Zijia talked about.

Jiang Jinfu certainly didn’t want to be punished on the eighteen levels of hell, so even if he wanted to kill Lu Zijia in his mind, he could only choose to run when he wasn’t a match for her.

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