o be around 18 or 19 years old, running around in the huge pit and crying for help loudly with a frightened look.

The girl desperately wanted to leave the huge pit, but something stopped her, preventing her from walking out of the pit no matter what.

“Jiang Jinfu.”

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Lu Zijia’s cold gaze landed on the rolling black fog floating on the girl’s top left corner and called out a name indifferently.

The plume of black fog, which originally looked like it was laughing ferociously, rolled even more fiercely when it heard the name Jiang Jinfu, as if it was enraged.

However, as the black fog surged violently, it gradually formed a body figure and finally revealed the original appearance of the black fog.

“It’s indeed you, Jiang Jinfu.”

After seeing the face of the black fog clearly, the corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curled up slightly and there was no surprise in her bright eyes at all.

Jiang Jinfu was originally very angry, but when he saw Lu Zijia’s face clearly, he immediately showed an obscene and ferocious look.

“Hahaha, an even more beautiful girl is here.
I’ve got huge gains today, hahaha…”

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Jiang Jinfu still hadn’t noticed anything wrong at this moment.
He completely treated Lu Zijia as if she was his.

“There’s a road to heaven, but you didn’t take it.
Instead, you walked towards my Gate of Hell.
Girl, you’re really unlucky.

“However, I’m quite lucky.
Two girls came in one day and one of them is stunning.
That’s enough for me to enjoy for two days.”

Jiang Jinfu said as he waved his hand in Lu Zijia’s direction and a cloud of black fog shot towards Lu Zijia.

During the past week or so, Jiang Jinli had used the illusion array to attract more than a dozen women here and had tortured those women to death successfully.

The success all along made Jiang Jinfu’s confidence increase day by day, so he didn’t take Lu Zijia, this teenage girl, seriously at all.

Unfortunately, he failed this time.

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