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No wonder his father told him not to offend Mu Tianyan, or he would get himself into trouble easily.

Across the river was a forest.
At least, what could be seen with the naked eye right now was a forest.

After Lu Zijia flew over, she heard something behind her and she looked away after taking a glance.

“There’s a lot of resentment inside.
I suggest you keep the Blessing Talismans you bought from me with you.”

Even though it was difficult for the resentment to invade Martial Artists, it didn’t mean that it couldn’t.

Once a Martial Artist was invaded by resentment, it was very easy for him to go off the deep end during cultivation.

Without hesitation, Mu Tianyan took out a Blessing Talisman and gave it to Mu Yunhao behind him.

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Lu Zijia walked around nearby and soon found the weakness of the illusion array.

“Xiao Hao, come here.”

Lu Zijia waved at Mu Yunhao with a smile.
She didn’t look like something good was going to happen at all.

However, Mu Yunhao still went over obediently, even though he didn’t think anything good would happen.

After all, this was his Madame.

“Come, come, hit this spot with all your strength.
Remember to exert all your strength.
Don’t be afraid that you’ll hurt the tree.”

Lu Zijia pointed at the tree that could only be wrapped around by the two of them together and said to Mu Yunhao.

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Mu Yunhao: “…”

Did Madame take him for a three-year-old?

Rather than being afraid of hurting the tree, he was more afraid of hurting his fist!

He didn’t know what Lu Zijia wanted to do exactly, but he could more or less guess that she wanted to break the array right now.

Mu Yunhao listened to her and circulated all the internal energy in his body, punching the tree she pointed at just then.


After Mu Yunhao’s sudden attack, it immediately sounded like something shattered.

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